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Dom's Mad Rhetoric

Lessons from the piano #1
Piano can't be that hard can it?
What, you've got your white keys and your black keys.  Easy.
I can take this, no problem.

Grouped in 7 and then 2 and 3, the pattern is easily observable.
Except the ends.  Those meddling ends.  They always have to be
different don't they?  Why?

Its a mystery, and only the piano holds the keys.

I gaze at people, and find them innately fascinating
but only for a second.  Outer appearances
interesting, but unrevealing

I wish I could light their minds and soul
and gaze at the shadow of them

I bet I would find some neatly arranged
some angled
some rounded
some perfectly symetric
some squares
some triangles
some octagons

These look similar from every angle,
no matter which way the light hits them
boring distinct, one line between shadow and light
cardboard boxes, they are
no detail nor architecture

But I know of one, my favorite
Which never assumes the same shape twice
whose intricate patterns and caustic reflections
vary greatly on the slightest tweak of the angle
whose moving shadows and blurred edges
reveal the signs of its true depth of mind and soul
Whose fluent shape I cannot pinpoint exactly

With such a magnificent portrait
you must wonder how anyone could
fail to see this bueaty shining through

the very outpouring of this shining soul remains unnoticed
but not by I

I've been left on the edge of the earth
Columbus didn't prove anything
I stand on the brink
on the edge of the world.
The water flows down here
both sides descend to the bottom of the universe
to infinity
and I stand here
like so many old gum wrappers
or discarded socks

I glance in both directions
unknown udnerneath or safety back
neither one tempts me
I sit like a knife poised on the edge
not caring which way I go

to jump into the dark
would be an adventure
of unparalled proprtion
to descend into 

the wind howls here
its oxygen being sucked
into the abyss

and so I stand
on the edge of the world

everyone else
far away
in their round little universe
so perfect is it?
the world is round?!?
I am thouroughly unconvinced.

I wake and find myself on the edge of the world
once again
I defy all physics
nothing is here
just me

two possibilities before me
only two
proceed into the abyss
or turn back

I look up
I see a star
a flaming ball of gaseous ignition
millions of miles away
and yet
it inspires
such awe and interest
and its genuine sweetness
beckons me

I consider

I take the third option
I take flight above the ground
and sail towards the stars
I will not reach it in a thousand years
but it is better than the edge of this world

you can keep your roundness and circumnavigation
for I fly straight to the stars