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Messing With Ocean City Boardwalk Webcams
Mwuhahah... I had some fun with this one..

Check it out. I went down to Ocean City, Maryland in December. It was very nice weather, 70 degrees or so, so I happened to be down on the boardwalk. I had found a site earlier that day,, which showed a live feed off a camera on their site. I found the actual place where the webcam was located on the boardwalk, and decided to have a little fun. I called up one of my friends, and had them save some of the pictures on the site. And so...

Here is the result! Seems kind of like Where's Waldo if you ask me... But cool anyway. All these pictures are pretty much the same, but you can't really see too well due to the horrible angle the sun was at. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to add to this collection next time I head down the ocean. Check it out:

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