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Circa 9/11 - America's New War
I had once written an article here after 911 proclaiming the glory of America and our government, how they should have control over everything so that nothing so hideous could ever happen again.

The original article that was here is no longer how I feel about America these days.. I've come to realize that 911 was just being used as another excuse for corrupt corporate funded politicians to further strip Americans of their rights and to impose totalitarian practices on their citizens. I have lost faith in the ability of our leaders to protect our rights effectively from corporations like Microsoft, the recording industry, and the motion picture industry, and their endless army of lawyers and spin doctoring. I am sick of being branded as being unpatriotic for questioning what is spoon fed down out throats through corporate controlled media, sick of being looked down upon for having an opinion of my own.

You who know nothing about technology, you who wish to give up your freedom to remain safe, you who want to give the government power over everything, you who choose to be blindfolded while every liberty that is the reason we live in this country is stripped away, are far more dangerous than I could ever be.

This rant is incomplete.
I'd like to thank Denny for originally pointing out the gross error of my thinking.

Original article:

I think after the 911 attacks everyone wrote something or thought something similar to what you see below. This is what I wrote.

I was considering moving this off my site, but there was one reason I chose not to now..
It is a guy by the name of:


This file is left here specifically to spite him, so..


Original Text follows:

I want to start off by saying that I am proud to be an American and I am not afraid of terrorists. When you let your life be stopped by fear, you have let the terrorists win. If you would like to truly be baneful to the terrorists, go out and do something awesome with your life that you would not normally have done, for in doing so, the terrorists recieve the ultimate ire because they influenced you to greatness instead of retreat. If nothing else, do it for those who died in the atrocities on 9/11/01, because they cannot live their dreams anymore.

This event was not an attack on America solely. It was an attack upon all of humanity. America is number 2 on the hit list of Al Qaeda/Taliban. Israel is number 1. Behind these two countries on the list is virtually every other free country in the world. Germany, France, Britain, EVERYONE.

For those of you who do not approve of the US strikes in Afghanistan, know this:

Bottom line: There are two sides of this war, and only two. You can side with not just US, but the Free World, or you can side with terrorism.

Unfortunately, in order to side with terrorism, you have to be a Mulsim Islamic radical who would not hesitate, would not think twice about flying a plane into a building. If you do not satisfy this criteria, then Bin Laden wants to kill YOU. And for those who support the US but do not support war, know this:

One who would give up freedom for temporary safety deserves NEITHER.

If we did not retalitate against the terrorists, this sends them a clear message:

Ok terrorists! You win, we give up! We are all evil and you are totally justified in killing us at every oppurtunity. It is the duty of EVERY Muslim to kill Americans wherever possible. You are indeed correct in all your beliefs, and we worship you now.

I don't know about you, but that is not an acceptable alternative.

It is true that the airstrikes and military missions will not solve our problem automatically. What we need to do IN ADDITION TO the strikes is to change the attitudes of the Middle East about the US.

Why do they thnk we're evil? We have freedom to speak our thoughts. If we dont like something, we change it. If we want something, we get it. If we dont like who is leading us, we get them out of there.

The taliban wants absolute POWER. Power is not accomplishable without absolute control. Blink an eye wrong in Afghanistan, and you will get shot on the street. Here, we make fun of our political leaders on a daily basis. America defies absolute control with FREEDOM. This is the way it should be.

To those who say that the antidote to hatred is love: You couldn't be more right. Absouloutely. We need to show the Afghan people that the US is not evil, we don't hate Islam, we don't want to kill ALL Mulsims. Before we can cure this disease in the Middle East, we must first remove the cancer - the terrorists and their governments. Then and only then can we begin to attempt peace.

One day I hope to have children of my own, and I don't want them living in a world that has to deal with terrorism. This is our generation's repsonsibilty RIGHT NOW America, so take a stand!