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Microsoft Office Hidden Games

Dominic's Homepage

We're back!

Dom's page is back online after some major technical difficulties caused by Please update your bookmarks [if you care] to point to this page: I transferred the site over to here after a huge mixup on's part about a hacking report I filed. After reading my report, Angelfire staff mistakenly deleted my site, not the one I reported. Ah whatever. So until I get that mess straightened out, you're stuck here. Some links might not be working at the moment. The whole site is a mess right now, and I need a redesign anyway. SO. Here we are:

Welcome to My Home Page!

3D Graphics
Check out some cool 3D renderings and animations in my new 3D Graphics page. These were done with 3D Studio Max 3 and Autocad 2000. [As a note, I would like to graciously thank my school for the awesome technology funding and for making it possible for me to use these nice programs.]
Microsoft Office Hidden Games
Find out what those Microsoft programmers code when they have some free time... Access top secret Games in Microsoft Products (eg. Word, Powerpoint, and Internet Explorer) and see what they are really doing...

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Microsoft Office Hidden games is a site all about revealing the mysterious secrets in Microsoft Products, such as hidden games, credits, secret things, or whatever the developers put into the software. Isn't it interesting to know the products you use everyday have little games in them? Did you know that Microsoft Excel 97 has a flight simulator in it? Yeah... A flight simulator. This site is dedictaed to revealing those secret games, commonly know as easter eggs. So browse around and see what you can find. All the secrets are revealed in the hidden games section of this site.

Also I am setting up a new 3d graphics page. Check back soon to see that.

Also Be sure to visit my sponsors..Barnes and Noble Booksellers and to keep this site going strong.
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