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4/30/02 - Grand Opening
Welcome to the new opening of Einstein's breakfast! Formerly known as Microsoft office hidden games, this site was in sore need of a major overhaul. Hence, you see the result as the new layout of this site. Dont sweat it though, there is still all your favorite jibberish and flotsam floating around on this site. Perhaps I might even add something new once in a while too. Who knows?

Stick around kids.

4/22/02 - We're back in business
Dom's page is back online after some major technical difficulties caused by Please update your bookmarks [if you care] to point to this page: I transferred the site over to here after a huge mixup on's part about a hacking report I filed. After reading my report, Angelfire staff mistakenly deleted my site, not the one I reported. Ah whatever. So until I get that mess straightened out, you're stuck here. Some links might not be working at the moment. The whole site is a mess right now, and I need a redesign anyway. SO. Here we are: