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5/31/02 - Photos at Pine Valley [my place of employment]
I am the gatekeeper.
I am prepared to argue feverently that this is in fact the easiest job ever, sans ice cream tester. I sit in front of a computer, outside, all day [like I am right now] poolside next to a snackbar. I can go for a swim on my breaks, and design software and stuff during my actual work. The job is nice and the pay is decent for doing mostly nothing.

MAN, I love this job!

And this page is the byproduct of that very same freedom. So check out some photos of my 'office' and some other wierd stuff. Who knows?

My office
The main pool
Aerial view of my workspace
Up close and personal with the keys
Check out the ducks
Deflated moon bounce
The waterslide
Marco Polo. Nuff said
Concessions Menu
Price ranges
Da Fence
Drainage system
Practicing my perspective
Adult Swim
Fly away!

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT. For years and years and years and years I have indeed sought to prove that THIS OWL does indeed move its head at random intervals throughout the day. I have been sneered at and shunned by my fellow aquatic engineering comrades and cast away from many a scientific society because of my steadfast belief in this phenomena.

BUT NOW I HAVE PROOF - The proof [159 KB]