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About Me

Ah, glad to see you made it out to my site. I'm not exactly sure why you would want to know anything about me, but I will not miss an oppurtunity to do some shameless self promotion. So here is my shameless plug:

I am Dominic. I am freshman computer science major at Loyola College. That aside..

I am huge Linux fan and enjoy programming all manner of strange and obscure things in various languages. I find it amusing to build devices which have absoloutely no real purpose except to exist for laziness. If you take the ratio of the amount of time spent doing stuff versus the uselessness of the devices built, you would have what I refer to as the 'too much free time' factor. Mine is astronomical. I started this site in 1999, and since then have had over 20,000 visitors. Originally I started this site when I had found out about secret games hidden in Microsoft Office products. After being sick of explaining how to access these games to my eager freshmen classmates, I put them up on this site. After that everyone at school was playing pinball inside of Word. Cute.

Ever since then I've put up all kinds of strange things on this site, so browse at your leisure.

And, if for some odd reason you should feel inclined to contact me, you can do so at

Hmm, perhaps I could add some more to this page later...