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The 4th Dimension
Wait!!! Even though this may look like some boring essay some mad scientist wrote, it is not. Check this out, this is my hypothesis on interdimensional travel, teleportation, and time travel. Read it please!! You won't regret it. Plus it is very short anyway. This is not a boring essay, or even and essay at all. Its vital infromation for everyone. (I'm only 16, so I can't be a mad sceintist yet, but I'm working on it.)

BY the way...
Most of this is probably wrong now [just read Einstein's Theory of relativity]. However, I am leaving this up just for some people to think about... 'huh.. that is interesting'.

So don't go using this page for your research paper, ok?
That aside..

The 4th Dimension - By Dominic C.

Just for the record, I did not type this all at once, I have been fascinated about it for months and decided to put my thoughts on paper.

Becuase we live in a world with only 3 dimensions (up and down, left and right, forward or backward) we cannot even grasp the 4th dimension. Ask yourself this question... is there another way to move besides up/down, left/right, forward/backward? In 3 dimensions, no there is no 4th direction of movement.

In simpler terms, we are going to use the 2nd dimension and the 3rd dimesnion in relation to the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Imagine the second dimension as flat. There are only 2 ways to move, left/right and forward/backward. You could label them anyway you want to, but there are only two ways to move. Imagine the 2nd dimesnion as totally flat. Everything can have width and length, but not height. (Example from the book "Flatland") Take a quarter and put it on a flat table. Look at it from above. It looks like a circle. Now move closer and closer to the edge of the table until you are at eyelevel with the quarter. What do you see? The quarter, viewed from the side, looks like a staright line. Thus all objects in the second dimension look like straight lines. To look at it more critically, we can use the statement "All objects in the 2nd dimension have the same height." Think about it... If the object had no height, how would you see it? So in reality, there are 3 dimensions in the 2nd dimesnion - lenght, height, and width. But only 2 dimesnion are recognized, lenght and width. Height between objects cannot be distinguished because it is the same for everything.

So what am I getting at? Well if the 2nd dimension actually contains 3 dimesnions, does the 3rd dimension actually contain 4 dimensions?

What if in our world, there was another hidden dimension, another way to move or another way to measure things? The only reason we can't see it is becuase it is always the same! In the 2nd dimension, you wouldn't be able to distinguish height because its always the same. so we must ask ourselves, what is the always the same in our dimension?

Hmm...... Well, one thing that always is the same, never stops, and is totally constant is TIME. Yeah.. maybe the 4th dimension is time. More to come on this facet of it later.

[The Section below is something I had already typed and may repeat stuff from the section above]

The 3rd Dimension that we live in exists within the 4th dimension. The 3rd dimension exists at all times in the 4th dimension. Therefore everything exists in the past, present, and future at the same time. To help clarify this.... Think of the 4th dimension as a movie projector and the 3rd dimension as the film. It has all the parts of the movie in it at all time, yet it displays only the part that the light is shining through. The part with the light is happening now. The part in front before the light is the future. The part just after the light is the past. Have you ever had Déjà vu, or the feeling that when you go someplace, you have been there before? That is when the projector skips a frame. To elaborate on this concept just a bit further... we look at the 5th dimension. If the 3rd dimension is the film, the 4th dimension is the projector, then maybe the 5th dimension is the projector room. If the 5th dimension contains multiple projectors, then each one might be its own separate universe, totally isolated from each other... There is something for you to think about...

Interdimensional Travel

If the 4th dimension is not time, then maybe it is another physical, spatial dimension. On the concept of Interdimensional travel, we must use an analogy because no words we can use can describe the 4th dimension...yet. Take a flat piece of paper. Mark 2 points on each side. Lets pretend that these 2 points are 60,000 miles apart, and that a ‘person’ walking along the 2nd dimension would have to walk for years to get to the other point. Keep in mind that the 2-D person cannot move upwards or downwards, nor does it have any concept of these two directions because it cannot see them. Now take this ‘2-D’ paper and bend it so the 2 points touch. How far are the points now? Just 1 step, right? Now that the 2-D object has become a 3-D object, the entire 2-D world is now bent in the 3rd dimension. When you bend it back, all is as it was. To a 2-D person, this would seem like a warp between 2 places. To us it is just a matter of bending a sheet of paper.

Another example of interdimensional travel is this. Say a 2-D ‘person’ stores his money (excuse the gender-specific pronoun his, but it so much easier to write his instead of its and the 2-D person) in a ‘bank’ this bank is then locked so nobody can enter except by the door. These buildings have length and width, but not height. If we were to go to the 2nd dimension, we would see a square building with length and width, but not height. What keeps us from pulling the valuables out of the bank and out of the 2nd dimension, and taking them elsewhere? Absolutely NOTHING! To 2-D people it would seem as if we had walked through the wall.

Most likely you are wondering how this would apply to us in the 3rd dimension. First thing.... what creatures do you know that appear to ‘walk through walls?’ GHOSTS! What if ghosts really are 4-D creatures and can see some other direction that we cant see normally? It would see our banks as wide open, just as we would see a 2-D bank as wide open due to its lack of height. Also, about warping...what if there was some way to bend the 3rd dimension in the 4th dimension? Two destinations would appear right next to each other and you could ‘warp’ to the other destination that could be hundreds or thousand of miles away.

On Time travel:

Do you know how cool it would be to have a stereotypical 'time-machine' and pop to and from any point in time and change things around to make life more to your advantage? Wouldn't it be nice? Unfortunately, you can scratch all thought of that. Take the romanticised example:

You find out that we might have won a war if a key political figure was destroyed in the year 1900. For our sake, we'll call him Mr X. You have a 'time-machine' and are determined to persuade him as a child not to engage in politics or if you crave some adventure, say you are going on a top secret mission to assasinate him. Whatever it is, we are getting rid of Mr X.

So you go from the year 2000 to the year 1900 and stop Mr X from becoming a key political figure. Yay! We win the war and the world is at peace and stuff right? Nope.

First we have to consider any reprocussions of that action. Another senator might take up his spot and the war commences anyway. Or maybe we invade that country and win, and other countries say we have too much power and there is a bigger war. Or maybe by some wierd chance your father was drafted into the bigger war and was killed? What happens to you?

You see what I am getting at here. The result of changing one small thing can have enourmous reprocussions on present day.

As a more extreme example, say you went back to the mesosoic era and looked around. What if you disturbed a tree, some birds flew out and this alerted nearby predators. These predators then spot the birds, capture and eat them. This would not have happened had you not been there. Suppose these birds would normally have reproduced and been food for predators. By removing them you have deprived future predators of food supplies, thereby altering where they have hunted and been. Over time you may have changed the fundamental regions where these predators hunted and lived which may have influenced other species and could offset the entire world's populations. This could have global reprocussions and changed the way entire speices evolved, inlcluding humans.

So by accidentally changing something so small you have eventually altered the entire world. At the other extreme, if the predators and the birds died off the next day due to a giant asteroid or something, it wouldn't really matter: but it could.

Now in both of these examples, the question is: What happens to you?

This is tricky here:

If your father is alive, he gets married and has you.
You travel back in time and alter the war resulting in your father being drafted.
Your father dies in a war.
If your father dies in a war, you are never born.
If you are never born, you never get to travel back to 1900.
If you never get to travel back to 1900, your father would not be in the war.
If your father is not in the war, he lives.
If your father is alive, he gets married and has you.


You travel back in time and alter the war resulting in your father being drafted.
Your father dies in a war.

Etc and so on...
This is what is refered to as a paradox [to the best of my knowledge].

So this keeps happenening over and over, repeating itself. All events that you have changed would be undone and the redone and then undone and redone over and over with the logic shown above.

The question is... what happens to you? What do you remember? I will discuss this in my next update.

Now everyone knows what I think about when I can’t sleep....

So you have questions? Oh, yes.. please send them to me at