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3D Images

Thanks to the awesome funding of my school, we were able to obtain copies of 3D Studio Max 4 and Autocad 2000. Here are a few things I have done with them.

Note -- This page may take a while to load. There are 1.1 MB worth of images @ 640x480 resolution here. The images are about 100K max. Sorry all you 56K modem users, I feel your pain.

Also, some of these images have their qualtiy taken down to be smaller [they would be close to 1MB each if I didn't do this.]

New! I have finally got enough space here [50 MB] to put some of my computer animated movies on this site. They are in MPEG format and are severely compressed in order to keep the file size down, but they still look cool.

Note - Due to some kind of wierd technical error, these might not open correctly. You might have to do right click, save as...

I have contacted Angelfire about it and am awaiting their answer. In the meantime,

My coolest movie to date, ever:
The title sounds dumb, but this movie is hysterical.
It is the first time I have done lip syncing, and it turned out very nicely. Check this out: The Knack [0.6 MB]

Some older movies:
LegoMan2.Avi [0.6 MB] | TakeOff.Mpg [0.8 MB] | CaveRun.Mpg [1.6 MB]
Lots more coming soon! I just have to upload them.

Ok, these pics are actually pretty old, and somewhat crappy. Check out all my latest stuff at