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Welcome to BeViet ChatLine Please take your time around, because there're too many good places and coolest stuffs in here right now. So please don't be so hurry, relax and give yourself a little break after visiting our coolest links and all. And we also offerring for all members and friends that using BeViet ChatLine as their Home Base We will help to advertise your website! If you like to advertise your website on BeViet ChatLine, drop the info about your website into our Advertise Form then we will post your website up as soon as we get your info. If you like to know more about BeViet Staffs If you like to contact them or talk to them, you're welcome to join our ChatRoom and talk to them directly, they will be happy to answer all your questions. And BeViet Staffs' having some great ideas for our Viet-Community. We have put out lots of time to collect all the Coolest Softwares that you've ever wanted to have them, if you like to have a copy of them, just come to our Coolest Collection, you will have all the greatest internet softwares, like what we have here, and we just updated a very exciting Free Internet Phones, You all will like this, It's our best softwares ever. We recommend you should get yourself one or some of them, click on our EXCITING free Internet Phones, you will love it. And here's another wonderful page if you're one of the people that searching for this. BeViet Staffs just built an awesome page that collected all the Network & Internet Sharing for everyone here, If any of you like to run a small home network or to share your internet with another computer, then here's the right place for you all. Please take a little time to help yourself search throught these softwares Network & Internet Sharing, if any question or help for installation please email us or talk to Our Staffs online, and here's the newest idea of our staffs. BeViet Staffs have created an incredable Subscribe/Un-Subscribe your own email to BeViet Mailing List, so you'll have BeViet info for every weekend, we'll info you all about BeViet greatest internet softwares or many others info. If you like to have your email in BeViet Mailing List please Subscribe today. And one of BeViet staffs discovered a really cool and funny chat client to use with, which is compatible with BeViet ChatLine, that client call Microsoft Chat, you might hear about it, but you don't think that's a good idea or easy to use for IRC right? Today we'll show you how cool this is, you all can download the MSCHAT25 right here, the Microsoft Chat 2.5 is he latest version that we have right now. Please download and read the Instruction how to use it, if you have more time you should check out some of these free stuffs, everything you need is here, right in this little BeViet_Download name BeViet, our staffs keep working nights and days just to comfort you, please just let us know us you have any question or comments. Anywayz Enjoy yourself around with us. And thank you for your coming to BeViet ChatLine. Enjoy and have a nice day!!

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