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Armageddon Quiz

Enjoy the new, updated quiz! Because of the large amount of quiz emails I have been getting, I will only respond to those who get 4 or more right. Good Luck!
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What was the asteroids name?
How much older than Grace was Oscar?
What did Harry give to AJ to give to Truman?
How fast were the shuttles going when they did their "Road Runner Thrust Move"?
How many people died on the astroid?
Who meets Rockhound when he gets off the spaceship?   Molly Mouse   His wife and son   Molly Mounds   Nobody
What were the names of the spaceships? (check as many as needed)   Liberty   Freedom   Independence   Revolution
Who stayed behind to set off the bomb?
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~*Special thanx to Nikki for making up some of the questions*~

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