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Before you scroll down i should probly just say that this page pretty much contains spoilers if you don't wanna know anything about the anime. But keep in mind that reading it is totally diff to seeing it.

MARMALADE BOY is a Japanese anime that is cute, funny and very entertaining. It's about a girl, Koishikawa Miki, her friends, and her life in general, especially her love life.

Her whole life gets complicated by her 'weird' parents who make her love life difficult in a way you would neva really think of.

Anyway, so it's pretty much a funny story involving Miki's love life and that of her friends, and yeh, even tho that makes it sound kinda boring, it totally isn't. =0)


Miki's parents go on a cruise and meet up with Yuu's parents. They fall in love (with the other couple), but still love each other, like in the family way, plus they still wanna keep their families.

So anyway, they decide to do a kinda 'trade' thing where they trade partners, but still keep their own family lives. So they all move into one big house, this is the 6 of them, Miki and her parents & Yuu and his parents.

All the parents are really happy about the whole situation, Yuu seems OK with it, but Miki is totally pissed. She refuses to do any 'family' stuff with them cause she's pretty much embarrassed by the whole situation.

It's probably a lot easier to understand the storyline when you know all the characters an stuff.

So head back to the main page for 'MARMALADE POPULATiON' and find out all bout tha characters.