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Tiffany, Guardian of Warm Hearts

What is perimenopause, and why is it suddenly everywhere?
Why is it suddenly the hottest health buzzword
since Viagra? The enormous, influential group of
baby boomers has left virtually nothing unchanged
so far in its foray through life. The female members
are moving into menopause, which occurs on average at
age 50. The years leading up to this are called
Its something that has been in my life since I was 35.
"Peri" is Greek for "around", although the meaning is
commonly been taken as before. The term encompasses
a sometimes alarming cluster of symptoms that can
plague women for up to 10 years at an already chaotic
time in our lives.
Every 10 seconds for the next 20 years, another baby
boomer will enter what our mothers mysteriously called
"the change". Unlike our mothers, we were raised on
feminism and on slogans such as 'question authority'.
We are demanding more answers be found and more
information to be available to help us cope.
It's long been thought that, as women approach
menopause, our levels of estrogen slowly decrease.
Recent information however, suggests that we vacillate
in a kind of "grand finale" reminiscent of fireworks.

It's hormonal chaos....that's what makes it so
frustrating and difficult.
I don't have the answers but hopefully we can
talk about it and know that we are not alone.

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