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Aerrin's Pern

Aerrin's Pern!

**I'd like to get a new page started, but to do it I need your help to do it... Recently I've been trying to force a friend into reading Pern, and it got me thinking... how did everyone out there find out about Pern? How were you introduced to it? And why do you love it? Or hate it, I suppose? As someone who doesn't know anyone else RL who loves Pern, I'd like to hear from all you online fans and find out your stories... So - here's what I'd like to do, if you're interested in helping me out. Write me a paragraph or so about how you discovered Pern and why you love it, email it to me, and I'll post it. No prizes or anything - I just think it'd be neat to hear the stories of other Pern fans. So get busy writing!**

What is Pern?
Too many books! Where should I start?
Discovering Pern... how did you find out about it and why do you love it?
Random Pern Facts
Role-playing - especially on Pern!
Other Anne McCaffrey Novels

"And to think I ended up with a worthless old faker like you!" the dragon was shouting. "I could have gone someplace where I would have been appreciated. Pern, for example!"
-Elven Star by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Pern Links

Dragonhold-Underhill - Anne McCaffrey's official homepage - check here for updates about new books and more!
The Harper's Window - A wonderful site that contains some beautiful Pern artwork, much of it done in a stained-glass window style. It's worth the visit!
Sariel's Guide to Pern - A pretty comprehensive site of all things Pern - she's taken a lot of time to put this together. It includes things like a timeline, character lists, and info on little things like the orgin of 'Arrhenius? Eureka!' Worth looking at!
Arwyn's Pern Page - A different perspective of what Pern is all about - well written, in case mine was too confusing! ;) It also has some great bits of Michael Whelan's Pern art and a recommended reading order.
You know you've been reading Pern too long when... - Exactly what it sounds like! Browse this hilarious list and maybe even add a few of your own to it!
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