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SCOTT's in Early New Zealand

Part 3: 1900-1920

'Still being added to'

The information contained herein has been sourced from various sources, during my search of SCOTT ancestors. Accuracy is not guaranteed, but has been strived for.
Note: The 'find' option can be used from your Browser to locate specific forenames quickly - however I would point out that the 'find' option does not take into account variations in spelling! Some references also only contained the mention of Miss, Mr, Mrs or -(no forename given), so this must be taken into account if you do choose to use the 'Find' Option

Agnes May, witness to wedding of cecilia Scott & Daniel Wadsworth, Gore
Cecilia Margaret M., married Daniel WADSWORTH, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland
Kenneth, attended Parewanui School until 1909
Letita, died Gore 24th Dec.
James (Mrs), died Dunedin 16th Jan. aged 77yrs
James, married Lily BUCHANAN, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland
John, witness to wedding of James Scott & Lily Buchanan, Gore
Margaret, died Popotunoa 5th July, aged 68yrs
Mary, died 5th April in Dunedin aged 69yrs
Mary Ann, died 19th Jan, aged 58yrs in dunedin
Ray, attended Parewanui School until 1909
Thomas, witness to wedding of Edward Taylor & Ethel Frelan, Dec. 27th, Registry, Thames, Thames Valley
William died 19th October in Pretoria South Africa, 4th son of Robert & Esther of Waipukurau (Fielding Star)
William Douglas, bankrupt 26th March, Opunake, auctioneer

Annie, died 4th Feb in Launceston Tasmania, Aust. - mother of Mrs WA Sandilands of Fielding (Fielding Star)
Annie, died Dunedin, 3rd June aged 32yrs
Barbara Ferguson, married George CROSBIE, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
Isabella Laird, witness to wedding of George Crosbie & Barbara Scott, Wyndham
James Hislop, bankrupt 6th May, Invercargill, upholsterer (John H. -Mercantile Gazette)
Walter, married Annie TOWN, Sept. 3rd, Registry Office, Auckland
William, married Jane MCKAY, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland

John Hone, died Waikouaiti 9th Jan., aged 65yrs
Lily, bankrupt 21st April, Invercargill, boardinghouse-keeper
William, died Chefoo Harbour 4th August aged 36yrs

Elizabeth, married Thomas James KELLY, Jan. 21st, Registry Office, Christchurch
George, witness to wedding of John Scott & Florence Tutty, Gore
Herbert, died Milton, 26th Jan. aged 18yrs
James, died Lumsden 1st Sept, aged 81yrs
John, married Florence TUTTY, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland

Alison, died 27th June in Milton
Andrew, & WILSHIRE, Alfred Abraham Hunt, Bankrupt 29th March, Christchurch, cordial-manufacturers
Charles, married Annie SLOAN, August 8th, Salvation Army, Wellington
David Oliver Brown, married Edith Aline TAYLOR, Nov. 23rd, Methodist, Eltham, Taranaki
Elsie, witness to wedding of Samuel Carter and Alice Bridger, Jun 1st, Wesleyan, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Robert Charles, died Rongahere 16th May aged 20yrs
Walter William, witness to wedding of David Scott & Edith Taylor, Nov. 23rd, Eltham, Taranaki

Andrew, died Wangaloa 6th Dec, aged 60yrs
Andrew, died Dunedin 19th Dec, aged 43yrs
Catherine, died dunedin, 17th April, aged 82yrs
Elizabeth, married John ASPRAY, Dec. 6th, Private House, Otautau, Southland
Frances, witness to wedding of William Milne & Jemima Scott, Wyndham
Gertrude Eliza, witness to wedding of Joseph Scott & Amy Eliza, May 17th, Auckland
Isabella Laird, married William SMELLIE, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
James, Bankrupt 21st Sept., Christchurch, upholsterer & furniture-dealer
Jeannie, witness to wedding of Isabella Scott & William Smellie, Wyndham
Jemima, married William Veitch MILNE, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
Jessie, died Dunedin 30th Dec, aged 53yrs
John, died dunedin 10th June
Joseph Edwin, married Amy Eliza TURTLEY, May 17th, Private House, Auckland
Rebecca, died Dunedin 19th Nov., aged 86yrs
Sydney Henry, witness to wedding of Joseph Scott & Amy Turtley, May 17th, Auckland
- (infant son), died Oamaru, 12th Jan.

Grace, died Outram 2nd August, aged 94yrs
Jessie, died dunedin 11th August aged 83yrs
Jessie, married Ebenenzer Allison MILLS, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland
John, & SMITH, John, bankrupt 22nd March, Gisborne, builders
Thomas, died Tapanui 1st Jan. aged 70yrs
William, died Hokanui 7th July aged 75yrs

Catherine, died Waikouaiti 18th July, aged 83yrs
David, died 27th March at Parewanui, aged 61yrs (Feilding Star)
Elizabeth, witness to wedding of Georgina Jones & Lewis Foulston, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland
Elizabeth, married William Gibson YOUNG, May 5th, Private House, Auckland
Mary Ann Campbell, died Seacliff 25th Dec
Mary, witness to wedding of Murray Beattie & Mary McIntyre, April 20th, Presby., Onehunga, Auckland
William, witness to wedding of Thomas Bradford & Agnes Davidson, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland

Adam, died 28th Sept. in Dunedin aged 86yrs
Agnes Yates, married Sydney Herbert WEBB, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
Amelia, died Dunedin, 1st Sept. aged 73yrs
James Irvine, died Waikouaiti 18th Sept. aged 83yrs
Jeannie, witness to wedding of Agnes Scott & Sydney Webb, Wyndham
Joseph, died Dunedin 10th Feb, aged 49yrs
William, died Dunedin 12th Nov aged 78yrs

Annie Hamilton, died Dunedin, 26th Aug. aged 76yrs
George Francis, married Sarah Alice DUFFELL, Oct 28th, Private House, Tokaora, Taranaki
Jane Tod, died Waitahuna 27th May, aged 80yrs
John, died dunedin 30th Nov. aged 70yrs
John, witness to wedding of William Scott & Marion Dickson, Gore
Ralph cole, bankrupt 4th Feb, Clifton, farmer
William Lorimer, married Marion Phebe DICKSON, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland

Alice Isabel, married Paul Miller RENTON, Oct. 4th, Methodist, Dunedin, Otago
Henry, married Kate Eunice ADAMS, August 28th, St Michaels, Christchurch
Olive Gertrude, witness to wedding of Paul Renton and Alice Scott, dunedin
Robert, died Outram, 3rd March aged 70yrs
W.G, witness to wedding of George Fowles and Agnes Madocks, Jan. 11th, Private House, Auckland

Albert John, Bankrupt 1st Nov, Orepuki, sawmill hand
George William, died Dunedin 12th Nov. aged 17yrs
Isabella Cruickshank, died dunedin, 5th April, aged 74yrs
John, died Dunedin 13th July, aged 72yrs
John, died dunedin 2nd October aged 84yrs
John, witness to wedding of Charles Baxter and Elizabeth Inder Jun. 14th at St Marys, Auckland
Mary Ann, died Dunedin 22nd June, aged 76yrs
Walter, died Mosgiel 2nd Sept. aged 20yrs
William Stevon, bankrupt 30th June, Hastings, carpenter
William Theodore, died South Melbourne, Australia 11th Oct. aged 69yrs

Eliza Annie, died dunedin aged 5mths on 2nd July
Elizabeth, died Matakanui 27th July, aged 86yrs
H. (Miss), 1912-1917 was assistant teacher at Parewanui School
Janet, died Dunedin 4th June
Mary, died Dunedin 26th July, aged 70yrs
Mary Abrim, died Waitahuna 29th July
Mary Turnbull, married John MCDONALD, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
Susan Margaret, witness to wedding of John McDonald & Mary Scott, Wyndham
William, bankrupt 13th Sept, Utiku, Farmer

Alexandrina, died Dunedin 24th Oct aged 72yrs
Elizabeth, married Alfred Alexander PHILPS, Oct. 8th, Private House, Christchurch
Elizabeth, married Archibald Claude MOORE, Oct. 1st, St Davids, Khyber Pass, Auckland
George, witness to wedding of Elizabeth Scott and Alfred Philps, Christchurch
Isabella Brown, died Tokomairiro 28th Sept. aged 86yrs
Ivy, witness to wedding of Elizabeth Scott and Archibald Moore, Auckland
John Alfred, married Annie MCCRAE, Dec. 17th, Presbyterian, Rangiora, Canterbury
Joseph, married Margaret Elsie Johnson Nov. 12th, Baptist, Caversham, Otago
Katherine, witness to wedding of Elizabeth Scott and Alfred Philps, Christchurch
Katherine May, witness to wedding of Joseph Scott and Margaret Johnson, Otago
Margaret, died Dunedin 5th Feb
Robert Roy, died Invercargill 26th July aged 10yrs
William, witness to wedding of George Adamson & Isobel Aberdeen, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Christchurch

Elizabeth, married George CREED, July 23rd, Private House, Auckland
Elizabeth, married Henry James WISE, June 25th, St Enochs, Auckland
George William, died Dunedin 30th March, aged 4yrs
Huntly, died in Devonshire, UK on 29th Dec aged 90yrs
Ivy Beaumont, witness to wedding of Milton Scott and Jane Clow, Jan. 1st, New Plymouth
John, died Dunedin 27th July, aged 4wks
John Halliday, died dunedin, 25th Feb.
Margaret, died Dunedin 22nd May
Mary, died Christchurch 10th Jan., aged 25yrs
Milton, married Jane Isabel CLOW, Jan. 1st, Whitelay Memorial, New Plymouth
Walter, witness to wedding of Alfred Evenden and Charlotte Irvine Sept. 9th at St Saviours, Lyttelton

Albert Ernest, died 9th Jan. in Outram,
Edith Elizabeth, married William Arthur RAINSFORD, June 3rd, Methodist, Dunedin
Edward, died dunedin 14th March, aged 60yrs
Elizabeth, died dunedin 13th Feb., aged 66yrs
Elizabeth, married Thomas KERRY, Dec. 13th, Registry Office, Waimangaroa, Nelson
Katherine, witness to wedding of William Rainsford and Edith Scott, dunedin
Margaret, died Dunedin 15th Feb, aged 88yrs
Stuart Allison, died Dunedin 22nd Dec aged 63yrs

Andrew, Killed in Action, 19th Oct. aged 37yrs
Arthur, Killed in Action 27th Jan aged 23yrs
David, died dunedin, 14th Nov. aged 80yrs
Helen Charlotte, witness to wedding of George Couch & Sarah Scott, July 19th, Dunedin
Isabella Brown Barto., witness to wedding of Margaret Scott and Thomas Reece, Hamilton
James Robertson, died 2nd Oct. in Timaru aged 68yrs
John, died Dunedin 12th May, aged 64yrs
John Arthur, died dunedin 7th August, aged 30yrs
Margaret Cooper, married Thomas Willaim REECE, Oct. 31st, Registry Office, Hamilton, Waikato
Mary, witness to wedding of Jane Aberdeen & William Mortimer, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
Mary Jaffray, died Dunedin 4th August, aged 34yrs
Mary Jane, died Wyndham 22nd Jan. aged 74yrs
Robert Hannay, Killed in action 11th Oct.
Sarah Ann, married George Bond COUCH, July 19th, Private House, Dunedin
Stewart Allison, witness to wedding of Margaret Scott and Thomas Reece, Hamilton
Walter, died of injuries 3rd August aged 22yrs
William, bankrupt 8th Feb, Queenstown, hotelkeeper

Alfred, Killed in Action 20th Feb
Charles Edward, Killed in Action, 26th Jan., aged 26yrs
Elizabeth, died Dunedin, 26th Sept. aged 24yrs
Euphemia Alice, died Dunedin aged 19mths on 3rd June
George F., Whakamara, late Stratford, filed Bankrupt 24th March (Mercantile Gazette)
James, died Ida Valley 29th Jan., aged 56yrs
James Craig, died Pahiatua, 15th Dec. aged 21yrs
James Lyell, died Cromwell 10th May, aged 84yrs
John, died Dunedin, 4th Dec, aged 39yrs
John McMillan, died Mosgiel 9th June
- (Mr), died Waikoikoi 13th Nov., aged 23yrs
Peter Ewen, died Tawanui 10th May aged 16yrs
William, died dunedin 10th July aged 88yrs
William, died of injuries 3rd Nov. aged 32yrs

Andrew, Killed in Action, 14th Sept. aged 34yrs
Charles Rodrick Leslie, died of injuries, 24th April, aged 22yrs
Donald Frederick, died Balclutha 21st Nov. aged 38yrs
Helen Reid, died 14th October, dunedin, aged 78yrs
Honor Margaret, witness to wedding of George Rewcastle & Mary Armstrong, Dec. 16th, Private House, Mangere, Auckland
Jessie Josephine, died Herbert 3rd June
May, died Timaru 7th May
Ruth, died dunedin 4th Nov.
Thomas Henry, bankrupt 8th Oct, Helensville, labourer
W. H., died of influenze illness 7th Dec. aged 34yrs
William Grant, died Waikato 5th Dec.
William John, killed in action 3rd August

Alexander, died 13th Jan, in Timaru, aged 53yrs
Alexander, married Jane MCBRIDE, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland
Annie Murray, died 28th Aug. in dunedin, aged 84yrs
Bella, witness to wedding of Ethel Scott & Harry Mortimer, Gore
Catherine Dobie, died Palmerston 11th Sept.
Elizabeth Walley, died Dunedin 16th May
Ethel, married Harry Albert MORTIMER, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland
Florence May, married John Nicholas KISSELL, June 11th, Private House, Invercargill, Southland
George, died Milton 4th June, aged 64yrs
Idonea Nancy, married William Henry DENNISON, Presbyterian, Gore, Southland
Janet, died Dunedin 13th Dec. aged 83yrs
Jean E., died dunedin 25th Sept.
Robert, witness to wedding of Alexander Scott & Jane McBride, Wyndham
Robert James, witness to wedding of Harry Mortimer & Ethel Scott, Gore
William Frederick George, bankrupt 17th Feb, Wanstead, flax-miller

Agnes, died 3rd April in North Taierei, aged 83yrs
Charlotte, died dunedin, 15th March, aged 61yrs
Christina, died Waikoikoi, 3rd Sept. aged 74yrs
David, died Stirling 16th Feb, aged 59yrs
David, died Dunedin 20th May, aged 71yrs
David Gibson, died 30th Dec in Outram, aged 47yrs
John Coates, died dunedin 31st Dec.
Julia Mary, died Dunedin 4th March, aged 65yrs
Margaret Allison, witness to wedding of Mabel Scott & James Weatherburn, Wyndham
Mabel Jane Wilson, married James Smith WEATHERBURN, Presbyterian, Wyndham, Southland

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