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She-Ra and Friends
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This is, If you already don't know, some of the "Members of The Great Rebellion", They protect Etheria from the evil horde. Their names from left to right (if you don't already know) are Broom, Madam Razz, Castaspella, Bow, She-Ra, Glimmer, Frosta, Queen Angella and Spritiana.

This is Princess Adora, Prince Adam's twin sister, when Adora is transformed she becomes "She-Ra" and when Adam is transformed he becomes "He-Man".

Now this is She-Ra, Adora in TRANSFORMATION. If you do not remember who She-Ra is, maybe this will ring a bell, "For The honour of Grayskull....I am She-Ra!"

Now on to She-Ra and Adora's noble steeds.

Now this is Spirit, Adora's Noble Steed who was originally given to Adora by Hordak as a gift when Adora was on the side of evil.

Now this is SwiftWind, She-Ra's nobel steed. SwiftWind is Spirit transformed. SwiftWind is a Pegusus/Unicorn.

Now onto the twins, Adora/She-Ra and Adam/He-Man.

Here is She-Ra and He-Man hugging each other.

Here is Adam and Adora hugging each other.

Adam and Adora's Bestfriends.

This is Cringer and Spirit giving eachother "lovin" hehehe.

Here are some blooper pictures of She-Ra, and Swiftwind. See if you can find what is wrong.




There are only a few others that know Adora/She-Ra's secret and they are...


Madam Razz,

and Kowel.

Now this is She-Ra's "Castle", This is Crystal Castle...

This is Crystal Castle, where LightHope is and where She-Ra first met LightHope.

Hold on, I almost forgot the most cutest one out of the She-ra bunch...

Here is Loo-Kee getting into trouble! But he's only trying to help out :)

Here is the Loo-Kee we all loved to look for in every She-Ra episode. aww isn't he cute!;)

~She-Ra Intro~

~She-Ra Episode ~

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