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Hay, here is a vote which is about the MOST perfect Backstreet Boys, Why you don't vote for your favourite boys, and let him to be the number one? :)

WE find a funny survey from a magazine, so pls check it out.

Hay! Do you guys know who is the most perfect Backstreet Boys?? We find out a funny survey from a mag. , why you don't check out the result quickly?!!?

At a glance...

Let's take Howie D.The boy with bronzed compextion, big brown eyes and rippling muscles. Let's face it, he looks like the perfect Latin-lover. No sweet, his APPEARANCE alone secures him 8 of 10 points. then of course there's B-Rok whose cheeky blue eyes turn to twinking slits as he laughs and whose masculine features attract so many fans. we'll give him 7 points for the way he looks.

Moving on to Kevin we find ourselves transfixed by those dark brows. No hesitation here. 8 points are definitely deserved. then it's Nick's turn, the blond-haired power-boy with his burning blue eyes. How could we resist giving him 9 points for his devilish good looks.

It's a pity in a way that AJ hides his slim face behind his vast collection of shades. Well at least we can admire his beard and all his jewellery which secure him 7 points in the beauty-stakes. Of course appearance is all a matter of taste and as we know tasten differs a great deal. So let's turn our attention to the lad's appeal aspect which-hopefully-can be viewed farmore objectively.


"A girl has to touch my heart. That's more important to me than physical contact."that statement is enough to secure AJ a big 10 points when it comes to CHARM. If he likes a girl he sinks his eyes deeply into hers. And let's be honest who could possibly resist him?That too much for Howie D. to keep with. for no good reason his self-confidence tends to let him down. Which doesn't mean that he hsn't got a few proven tricks in store when it comes to play out his charm."I 've always tried to give the girls an unforgettable night with roses, candle-lit dinners and so on. That really impressed them." well we're suficiently impressed to give him 8 points for his efforts.

Brian sees things from his own unique perspective. He's not out to impress anyone." After all the girls is suppoesd to fall in love with me and not with a star." An attutude which is certainly wort 9 points. with Nick it's again an entirely different ball-game.The boy who claims that his shyness is giving him problems with girls has a very special appeal for the very reason that he tends to hold himself back. if he's plucked up sufficient courage he uses eye contact, compliments and red roses to make his move. "But i only talk to a girl once I know that she's singeled me out, "Nick is keen to point out. Enough to secure him 8 points for charm.

If we think about the many setbacks Kevin has had to endure during his life we begin to understand his reserve and reluctance to fully open his heart. Which doesn't mean that he wouldn't travel to the end of the world for his dreamgirl to fulfil her any wish she may have. After all for Kevin romance is no empty word so it's 8 points for his charm.

No Secrets. No lies!

Real strength of character is shown by those who can admit their short-comings. Let's therefore probe into the boys' little secrets and find out how much they are prepared to confess. "I'm pretty lazy", Brian admits. "and the others blow up when I bite my fingernails!" 7 points for Brian's HONESTY. Nick goes one step further when he admits: " I 'm the baby of the band and everybody looks after me. but when I'm in a foul mood I'm just inbearable." A confession which earns Nick 8 points. AJ is another one who knows about his weaknesses and isn't afraid to speak out:" At times I just won't shut up." 6 points for that. and kevin goes right back to his childhood ."I used to play with Harold, Brian's older brother . We didn't miss an opportunity to wind Brian up. I'm glad he doesn't bear a grudge." 9 points for Kevin's honesty. howie D. only admits to being rather untidy. What are you holding back, Howie? Sorry 5 points is all you get!

Let's get personal

So what do we know about the PERSONALITY of five boys?"Everything is as it's meant to be- I believe in fate!" that's Brian's opinion, who had a very religious upbringing. No wonder he had very firm views " We 're in charge of our lives and intend to keep things on an even keel. That's enough to earn him 10 points, don't you think?

Kevin draws streangth from his inner peace. He enjoys the moments he has for himself. "That's important to me because it gives me the chance to turn to my inner self and to mobulise my own power. Then when I'm on stage I can shake off al tension and give it my all." Kevin, that's also worth 10 points. AJ is known for his outstanding generousity. "when you're out with him, he always wants to pay", Howie readily agrees. AJ believes in honesty and frankness. That's why for him one-night-stands are also out of the questiuon."If you sleep with someone you should love and care for the girl. "8 points to AJ for being open with us.

Nick has no illusions when he says: "we'd be nothing without our hans. they're just great. I wished I could give every single one a hug." That's enough to learn him 8 points. Howie is well know for his willingness to help and his concern for his fellow band members. "We're stick together and look after each other so that none gets into trouble", he confirms. 9 points for the peace- maker of the band.

And that brings us already to the end of our little round up. You want to know he came out on top? Well to avoid all confusion, we entered the results in this table and hope you agree!

Don't you think the result is good?? If you don't think so, please vote, in BSB Wonderland, to vote out the perfect Boys!!

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