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The First Time BSB Came To HK

DO you wanna see more pic which were taken when BSB came here at '96?? If you do, Just click the pic below..

Since 95 to now, only 4 years. Backstreet Boys could became a super star the world. The expreience of that period how much do you know about "96717242" is not a mobile phone number, as far as HK fans this number resent a very important day. 17-7-1996 2:42) pm. HK Record received Backtreet Boys personally information, then brought BSB into Hong kong

Backstreet Boys spreaded out Asia Promotion at oct'96. At 16,oct'96, 8:20pm. The first time Backstreet Boys came from HK. At 17th, Backstreet Boys baside took part in some interview and presented some show cases, Backstreet Boys also present a signature compaign which organized by HK Record Co.. Had a really close caontact with HK fans. Backstreet Boy's first ablum "Backstreet Boys" have sold out about 2 millons CD in Europe, but it also sold a lot of on HK. Backstreet Boys left HK at 18 oct. They only stayed in HK for 2 days, but the Backstreet's typhoon was begining we could listen "Get Down" everywhere in HK.

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