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BSB Facts

BSB Facts

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A.J. collects hats.

Who's the most likely to loose his luggage on a trip to Europe? Backstreet Boys' survey says Howie, who has on many occasions, arrived at his destination with only the clothes on his back.

Howie loves to go out clubbing.

What's the most evil prank Nick has ever pulled? He thinks it was the time he gave their manager Donna Wright gum which tasted like fish.

The Boys unanimously agree that they'd love to harmonize with Boys II Men.

When you hear someone hitting those amazing high notes in a Backstreet Boys song, that's Howie.

Brian's worst habit is biting his nails.

Whenever they are in a foreign city, Howie and Kevin like to try the local food, while Nick, Brian and A.J. search out the closest McDonalds'.

The two Backstreet Boys who are most likely to get into a friendly argument are Kevin and Nick.

Brian is the Backstreet Boy most likely to go to church on Sunday.

Nick likes to draw comic book characters.

Their debut album Backstreet Boys, was released in Europe on May 5, 1996.

AJ has a new tatoo of a dragon on his left back shoulder.

Nick has two tatoos, a shark and a musical note.

Nick perfers brunetts, but he *might be dating a blond...interesting...

Howie did his hair in corn rolls for the video "Larger Than Life"

Brian is the messiest of the boys.

Kevin usually finds himself correcting the group, which makes him very helpful.

According to the interview of the MTV, the Backstreet Boys said all of them now have girl, (But we just wondering which gal could stole Howie's and Kevin's heart.Howie's is she the gal from Honeyz called Namia??oh! we do wanna knwo, if any knwo it? )

Nick has been think that he can't sing the "Backstreet's Back" again 'cos the Backstreet Boys have been singing this songs for four years now and that's a long time and he found it's bored.

Nick said that Mandy to him is not so serious.

Nick doesn't has any plans to walk down the aisle, he promise!

Brian took the mickey out of Howie because it takes so long for howie to do everything, and Kevin, 'cos he's the oldest-if he doesn't laught with us, BSB say "You're too much of an old man to understand out jokes.".

When BSB picked the name Backstreet Boys they intended it to last forever. When they are getting older, when they grow up, they're gonna keep it, like The Beach Boys did, y'know.If they felt it was necessary they could drop the Boys and call themselves Backstreet

Backstreet Boys got some brilliant fans. they get really excited when they're flying back into a country like Britian, because they get to met them again- they literally sit on the palne going, 'Oh, do you think Helen, or Louise, or whoever, will be at the airport?'

They all look at themselves in the mirror and say" Yech! I look okay today."

If the Backstreet Boys have been to see a scary movie or something and they 're sharing a room, and the lights are off when they walk in Nick will go (whispering) and Nick's not being funny.

Brian ideal Saturday night would be to go to park, play some basketball for an hour until it gets dark then goes back and has a shower at his house. After that he'd go and picks up friend, not anyone in particular, and goes to the movies, or out for dinner like a date.

He remember once they were performing a song from the album on stage and He had to sing the first two verses. They dance routime was really difficult and He was concertrating so hard I blanked on the words, he ended up just humming along. the others guys were useless. They were creased up laughing and didn't try to help him at all!!

If Brian had a girlfriend( He got) he would probably go anywhere for her. If he had to go anywhere for one of his family, he would do that too. for anyone he loved or cared for he would do anything.

When Brian get home he loves sinking into his own sheets. He missed his his pillow and duvet. Hotels are really uncomfortable.

Nick was asked out by girls a bunch of times when he was at school. He likes girls asking him out 'cos it takes the pressure off you having to do it, but it hasn't happened for a while, he's sad to say!

Nick used to stand on a tree stump in his back garden and sing, pretending the flowers were his audience. one day his mum caught him and enrolled him in singing lessons staright away.

Nick's family used to call Nick Charlie Brown 'cos he had a big round head and no hair. There's still baby pictures on display at his home, which is a bit embarrassing. His mum's even got the family album out when a girl's been round and gone. 'Here's a picture of Nick as a baby without any clothes on!' Nick's mum said

Nick'll never hang his feet off the end of the bad- I'm afraid little gremlins will bite his toes! Really!

The most expensive thing he has ever bought is a gold chain that cost $300.

Nick believes there'something else besides this when people die, he hasn't a clue what it's like- he hasn't got a mental picture of it or anything. He 's just believe there's something.

AJ had his first kiss when he was four and kissed his next door neighbour's daughter. Her name was Jennifer and then he ran away.

In Germany someone threw a rock and hit AJ in the face during a performance. He thought that it was a cuddly toy or something. It caught him just above the eye. It was quite a nasty cut. he had to carry on the show, though, as it was part of a pop festival. If it had been their show, he would have got security to find out who it!

AJ is the king of hotels when it comes to not paying his bill. he'll go thru the mini bar, take all the cokes and orange juices and tell them He has not had anything at all when they ask the next moring. He does end up paying for it in the long run. he got away with it for a while but then they caught on.

When Aj see a attractive girl he has to say that the first thing he looks at is, well, if she's not then... her booty. He watchs it go from side to side. it doesn't matter what size it is but.... Yech! he know. he's a man. "i'm sorry" he said.

Howie thought that they'd have a glamorous life-going their show, going to parties and sleeping in late.But no waySometimes, they have to get up at 4am to get on the road, and there are always promotions to do. He had no idea hoe much work goes into it.

hey! howie is Mr Romantic! he has Spanish relatives , so romance is in his blood.

Kevin's room at home is very empty! He has just moved onto an appartment with Howie and Brian. His room is decorated black and white.

Kevin first kiss was with a girl called Gina Davision who he went to school with. he was in fifth grade. She was nice. that was his first kiss.

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