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The heart and soul


Nick Carter

Nick's mother has written a book about her son-Nick Carter. She tells everybody the secrets only a mother knows about Nick.Have you buy "The heart and soul of Nick Carter"???If no, you can check it out here.....

Will Nick-- Like Elvis--Join the Army?

From time to time Nick expresses an interest in joining the military. It's hard for me to imagine him in uniform, but not hard to imagine taht he'd be one of the most physiaclly fit enlisted men ever to start basic trainning, thanks to the dance wrokouts ordered by choreographer Fatima.Would Nick tarde in his Skechers for army boots? how about arazor-toting sergeant shaving off Nick's blond hair?Nick without taht neautiful, thick, gleaming hair?stranger things have happened to rock idols, i suppose. and there was Elvis, who exchanged his guitar for a rifle, was shipped over to Germany, and did a tour of military futy taht was a far cry from a concert tour.

Those military fantasies probably swirl around in Nick's head for lots of reasons--not the least of which is that there were so many military men on the family tree. One ancestor, Conrad Stuntz, a Prussian soldier trained in the art of war, came to American shores as a mercenary to flight in the Revolutionary War. He started helping the British. what happened next is disputed. Tales about burning ships and lost battles cloud the issues. But there's no doult taht Conrad switched sides and wound up helping General George Washington train his troops.

In the legendary Battle of Bunker Hill, the Spauldings were well represented, with disastrous consequences. Nine out of the ten who fought died, and the lone survivor escaped the others' fate quite by accident, it seems. he had been standing on the battle-field right next to General Presccot, as the leader satperched high on his horse. the order "Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes" rang out as the enemy came up over the hill. Spaulding heard a cannon blast; impulsively and against orders he fires his gun. the general smacked him on the head with his sword. the jumpy sniper with the itchy trigger finger was knocked out cold. the battle raged all around him taht day. he appeared dead, and so soiders stepped over him. when he came sround, he discovered sadly taht of all the Spauidings who had fought that day, he alone had survived.

Nick's grandfather Douglas, the genealogy expert, is still working on our family history. He has other stories to tell that go back to Charlemahne and Alfred the Great. His tales of Nick's bloodlines range from the historical to the hysterical.

Here's one that has been recounted from the Carter-line elders taht is more hilarious than illustrious. Family lore has it that one uncle fell in love with Lucille Ball. his I love Lucy passion compelled him to follow Lucy whereever she went, even to the ends of the earth. Or so the romantic tale is told. f\Follow her he did, all the way to New York City. Did Lucy appreciate his ardor? Apparently she did not. the annals. don't recount her side of the story, but I think that it's safe to say this Carter predecessor didn't have Nick's smile or his charisma. Nope, that fellow from long ago wound up sorely disappointed. Ms. Ball clearly didn't know there would be a song written called "I'll Never Break Your Heart"

Family stories like theses float around on one side of Nick's family; his grandfather promises to get to work soon on the other side of the family, Nick's father's side. Heaven only knows how many more tall tales are out there waiting to be uncovered and retold.

Generalogy is quite a hobby. You never know what you will find out about yourself or your ancestors. Brushes with death or fame, amtters of life and death, broken hearts and broken dreams, all kinds of plots and characters nestle in each person's family tree. if a number of people started reseacrhing their pasts, I bet at least one would discover some connection to the carter clan, and even perhaps to the Mayflower.

Sometimes I ponder also holds a key to guessing what Nick might do next. After all, he is only eighteen. Will Nick join the military? Might he wild up singing and dancing in a Broadway production, maybe even writing some of its music or its dialogue? Nick is working on a comic book adventure, combining his talent for art with his interest in video games. Will there ever be an art gallery that exhibits the Nick Carter caricatures?

Nick has talents that he develops and uses now. As surely as his genetics promise, he has a multitude of other talents waiting to be developed and to move into the spotlight of his life.

How Watching MTV Changed the Carter Family

When Nick turned eighteen in January of 1998, he was not at home with us in Florida to celebrate his birthday. his sisters and brther, his dad, and I had to settle for cell phones and phone tag to get that Happy Birthday Message to out busy traveling troubadour. i watched Nick on tv, on MTV, where he was persented with a birthday cake complete with candles.

What a twist of fate! And suddenly I was remembering Nick's fourth birthday. MTV played a rloe at taht celebration, too. in 1984, I baked the birthday cake, nick's fave.. atop the cake, five multicolored little candles glowed, four for each of Nick's years and the extra one for good luck. bob turned away from the tv,which was turned to-- you guessed it--MTV, to blow out his candles. we turned down the sound on the television set while all of us Carters sang "Happy Britnhday." As soon as our warbling ended, I started to cut the acke and Nick turned the sound back up. he was dying to hear and see the newsest thing in entertainment: the MTV music video.

Nick and the Backstreet Boys have become a staple on MTV in the Backstreet Boys won European MTV's top honor, The people's choice Award, 2 years in a row in 1996 and 1997. the climax for Nick of what could only be called a mutual-admiration-society-type of the 1998 Music Video Awards Show in LA.

Nick and his band mates starred in an opening spoof of themselves and their videos, done by Ben Stiler. during the program i watched as they performed their twice nominated music video "Everybody( Backstreet's Back)." Then Nick and the others walked off with the coveted "Planetman" trophy in the category of Best Group Video.

In the days leading up to thw show, MTV handed a video carmera to Nick and the group. their assignment--direct themselives in a short film showing the MTV aydience ehat goes on behind the scenes and leading up to his exciting night in rock. it aired as part os MTV's coverage.

Nick wanted TV viewers and fans to see life thru the eyes of a Backstreet Boy. He turned the camera around as he walked into the pressroom with the award. what you see is a blinding, blinking explosion of flashbulbs all simed at Nick and his band mates. it was a dramatic, live, flashing light show that could rock anybody. rock stardom doesn't get bigger, more frantic, or more exciting than this!

A Nick-Mania News Flash for MTV

Well, I've got a scoop for the MTV VJs and the MTV music news reporters. it's a tale of how MTV changed Nick's life Forever at a tender age. those were the days when MTV was as much an infant as Nick. it's hard for tennagers to a world b4 MYV, but, i assure them, there was one. 9i'm afraid this makes me sound like my mother telling me abt the early days of tv.) nick probably doesn't even remember this story, but i sure do.

Nick and I, his father, and his sister BJ were living in the Pleasant View retirement Home in western New York. that part of the country is smack in the heart of the snowbelt. it gets very, very, very cold in the winter. Arctic winds come down from canada, across the Geart lakes, and sweep into this area of the North-east, often dumping a foot of snow. it isn't unusual 4 snow to cover--actually, to bury--the groung from Oct or Nov. until April and even into the first days of may. during record years one blizzard hits right after another. this is due to those lske-effect snows.

Thw winter of 1984 was full of snowstorms. Nick and I lived thru a winter seemed endlness. When i was a child, there were winters when the snow nearly reached the top of the telephone pole. I have a picture of my brother and me standing on top of such a snowfall with our hands touching the poles's top.

When you live theu these kinds of winters, you know you are going to be tarpped indoors for almost 8 or even 9 months of the yr. When winter first begins, the snow is fun. in that winter of 1984, one cold night as the snow fell hard, I bundled little nick and baby BJ in their snowsuits and sat them on a sled, I pulled them down the plowed main road. Town snowplows had piled thw snow up a mile high on either side. New falling snow lightly swished aroung us and onto the ground. the night wasn't dark, but bright from the whiteness of the snow all around. the branches of all the tress glistened in the reflected light. the world was still except for the gentle patter of the falling snow. So the squeals of delight of my NIck and BJ sounded louder to me then normal. At moments like that our small town truly was a winter wonderland.

Unfortunately, those moments are short-lived. That winter wonderland bliss gives way to a bad case of cabin fever. Unless you're wild about snowmobiles or skiing, snowbound life is tough. Your days are measured in short excusions (once you dig our job. You venture out with your bidy weighted down by layers of flanned and wool. even with all that clothing, you shiver and rush to the warmth amd security of the indoors.The sun goes down early. From the end of Oct, after you turn back the clocks, it's dark outside as early as 4:00 pm for what seems like months. that makes for avery long night

The dark, the frigid world outside your door, the closed-in feeling--all these elements combined to make you feel tarpped. The Carters wound up with a bad case of cabin fever just many of our neighbors who hunkered down and tried to survive the long cold winter in the snowblet in 1984.

Nick was an active child. He didn't have the kind of personality taht lent itself to sitting still. he wanted to be out and about moving aroung his world. keeping him inside during thw winter was not fun for him or for me. what do you do with a bouncing boy of four who can't go outside at5:00 in the afternoon 'cos it's already dark--yet he doesn't go to bed for another four hours?

MTV to the rescue!! we could never forget we lived in a nursing home. After dinner, as the evening progressed, the elderly patients needed their reat. oftentimes they would go to bed early. Bob and i had to keep Nick and BJ amused and quiet.

Like countless other American families , we spent lots of time in front of the televison set. i was young myself and drawn to MTV, too. So was Bob. we didn't miss the nightbulb business, but we still remained interested in the music business. We enjpyed following the artists who were the up-abdcoming musicians and singers--but, even more, we got the biggest kick out of watching Nick dance to the music videos.

So after the day's work was done, Bob, Nick, BJ, and I would sit 2gether and watch MTV almost everynight. Unfortunately, the comercials that interrupted the Videos tortured Bob and me. In our ice-bound dead of winter living room, we watched Florida vacation advertisement all the time, I still remember that wording of one commercial:"Florida! You need it bad!" Did we ever!

Considering our frigid, snowbound circumstances, these reminders of Florida struck us dwon-right cruel. bob and I hadn't wanted to leave that sunshine state at all. Here er were, back in the deep freeze, "Eskimo Vountry" we ofth called it, watching MTV, and seeing tantalizing glimpses of palm trees, blue blue water, beaches--and sun! It was so depressing. All we did was eat and watch. We wished we could be back in the Florida warmth rather than being stuck here like human popsicles, ten feet deep in winter.

Nick at Three and a half pushing his baby sister on a swing

When Nick was just two and three, he behaved very affectionely toward BJ. From the start, the teo of them were kissing and hand-holding coconspoartors in family mischief, whether it was sticking their fingers in the chocolate icing of a birthday cake I baked and finger-painted chocolate mustaches on side sneaking licks from two oversized swirling colored lollipops b4 dinner

Nick fashioned himself as BJ's watchful older brother early. He stood behind her swing on many spring days, pushing her as she laughed with delight in the white wooden swing that Bob nailed to a large oak tree. nick recalls little of his long-ago bonding with BJ, but he does remeber taht swings.

"I didn't remember that scary time until saw us in a picture, me standing behind BJ's swing. As i was pushing her, teaching her to pump her legs, he leaned back too far--or was it taht she learned the wrong way?--and fell out. Boy, did she scream and cry. Mom came flying out of the house. My heart was pumping like crazy, and I was trying to help BJ. Luckily the sounds coming out of my sister were a lot worse than anything else. She didn't get hurt, just messy from hitting the diry."

During Nick's youngest years I didn't have the luxury of nuturing him hour by hour. i was a busy working mom. i needed Nick to help with reat of the children. Because he was the oldest shild in out family, Nick had a great deal of responssibility for his younger siblings. he was at the helm much of the time. nicky never seemed to mind. actually, he seemed especially well-suited for his caretaking jobs with BJ, Leslie, and tiny twins, Aaron and Angel.

My Mother/Myself by Nick Carter

Did i sense that my destiny was different from other kids when I was younger?Good question.

Before the age of eight or nine, I really didn't know what my destiny was. How could I? I just went to school and lived the kind of normal, everyday life that boys that age live--except that I loved music, listening to it and making it, particularly by singing.

The turning point was one day when I serenaded my mom from a tree stump.(She'll tell you all about it.) My mom believed in me.I wish every child could have a mother or a father who cares enough to spot his talent and help him develop it the way mine lead me at fiest. When I started to follow the music inside me, I took vocal lessons,but since I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, I tried not only singing but also acting.

My mother chauffeured me up and down from Tampa to Orlando,from Tampa to St. Peterburg, back and forth, more times than I can tell you. Often my chances of landing a part were less than slim. Mom agreed to let me try anyway. She spent money on traveling, on lessons, when our family didn't have extra. Our family business supported us for the basics. Our clothes and our food were taken care of, but there wasn't much left after that. Any extra money was almost always spent on me and my dream of becoming an enterainer.

When I became discouraged, Mom used to quietly ask me, " Nick, are you sure want to do this?"Although it was hard work for a kid, i knew in my heart i did, so I always told her,"Yes."

When you are ten or eleven or twelve, you may know what you want to do. You may know where you want to go, but without someone to help you get there, you're struck. I see many young people who don't do anything. They have no dreams. I had a dream and a mother who believed in me. I am living proof that with a belief in yourself and an adult to help, the sky's the limit.

My mom doesn't know this because I've never told her, but even though I was young, I relized what sarcrifices she was making for me. I saw my mom and dad do without, so that there would be traveling money, money for vocal lessons, money for dance lessons. I wanted the day to come-someday-when could make things better for them.

as you know, it has all worked out for the best. My mom has been very influential in my success. And so love, I like my parents and I'm very grateful to them, especially my dream so young. Maybe I would have achieved it when I was much older. Nick Carter, rising thirty-year-old star? I don't think so.

I could go out to a mall, and purchase something to show my gratitude to my parents. But what amount do you spend to say thank you for faith, hope, and love-the things my mom gave me? No fancy car or piece of jewelry compares. So Mom, what I want you to know is that your love nourished me, your faith in me helped me focus-and my hope and yours paved my way. That's what I want you to know, from my heart to your heart.

I am very grateful to be in this position. I want to thank all my fans.

Thank you.

P.S.: And this is the moment when I want to thank my very first fan...Mom.

The Nick Carter Dream Instruction Guide


D------- The D in dream is definitely for drive
R------- The R is to stay real real and be relentless when your dream seems as if it's never going to materialize.
E------- The E is for ecstasy. You have to love doing what you dream of.
A------- The A is for ambition. As long as you love what you do, the hard work will be worth it.
M------- The M is for the mission. You have to take one day at a time because achieving a dream takes time. But you have time...a lifetime to make your mark.

There's No Place Like Home

Home is what Nick really loves. I treasure this poem

that Nick wrote during elementry school


by Nick Carter

Home a place where I was born
A place maybe to be comfortable a
Place matbe far but in my
Heart always over the rainbow.

Home always over the downs
And by the sea
And under the clouds
And in the breeze.

To watch a family
Learn and grow
To come home school
To tell what I know.

But the one thing
That's best about home
It's always close
When you really need it.

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