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Which Backstreet Boy Is Playing Games With Your Heart?

Every Backstreet Boys fan has a favorite member of the group. Do you love Nick, Howie D., A.J., Kevin or B-Rok? Here's how to tell...

You're The Girl For AJ If. . .

You love to dance. AJ has studied everything from ballet to hip-hop to jazz. "I wanted it to be my first career," he says, "either that or acting."
You like to compare your love to a summer's day - i.e. You think poetry is cool. "I've written about 75 poems between the time I was 15 to now," says this utter romantic who's been known to find poetic inspiration in fans just like you.
You can find fun in almost any situation. "I love people who are spontaneous," says AJ. "I like a girl with a really catchy personality. The kind where we can go to McDonald's and she'll still have a good time." He says that he's attracted to "a person who has a lot of good morals and is very personable."
You live to shop! One of the highlights of AJ's world travels has been the shopping. "My perfect day would be to write music, go to the movies and then shop until I couldn't fit any more bags in my car," he says.
Silver makes you happy! "I love jewelry," says AJ. "I love all kinds of silver, especially exotic Brazilian and African styles."

You've Got It Bad For Nick If. . .

You liked the lessons on the Middle Ages in history class. "I just love medieval times!" says this prince of pop.
You think it's cool to try different styles of clothing - but nothing too weird. "My kind of style is sportswear-- jerseys, sneakers. It just depends how I feel," says Nick. "If I want to dress alternative, I'll dress alternative. If I want to dress prep, I'll dress prep. Whatever, it's just me."
You're a video game fanatic! "I'm like addicted to that stuff," says Nick who brings along both a Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 on tour. He's mostly into playing sports games on them.
You can take a joke! As everyone knows, Nick's a big prankster. "I haven't been able to pull (pranks) off lately because everyone knows my tricks," says this fan of itching powder and gum that makes your tongue turn blue.

B-Rok Rocks Your World If . . .

You're way into sports. "Athletics have been an important part of my life ever since I was little," says Brian, who was hoping to go to college on a basketball scholarship before he joined Backstreet Boys.
You're a natural. "I'm attracted to a girl with a great personality, who is very open, trustworthy, giving and just willing to have fun," he says.
You do unto others as you would have them do unto you. "I'm not real religious but my family brought me up with a religious background," says Brian, who got his start as a singer in his church choir. "I try to stay somewhat focused on that and do my own thing," he says.
You love music! Needless to say, music is an extremely important part of this Backstreet Boy's life. He particularly loves the vocal groups Boyz II Men, Take 6 and Jodeci.
You take your education seriously. As we mentioned earlier, Brian was college-bound before joining the group and he hasn't discounted the possibility of continuing his studies sometime in the future. He's really attracted to girls who have important thoughts on their minds.

You're Howie D.'s Girl If . . .

You're a night owl! Howie admits that mornings are not his best time of day. He comes alive as the sun is setting and the night is heating up. This charming sweetie loves to go out clubbing under the stars.
You like to try new things. In all his world travels with BSB, Howie is always interested in learning about different people, visiting new places and eating local food.
You have a sweet tooth. Howie ‘used' to have a real craving for gummy bears, but once the word got out all his fans started sending him more than he could eat! In the interest of keeping his perfect body, Howie's sweet treat of choice these days is Extra gum, sugar-free in cinnamon flavor.
You don't believe in traveling light! "I practically bring my whole house with me," says Howie. "My bag is so heavy nobody wants to carry it. It has everything from my CD player, CDs, cassette player, Spanish books, sunglasses, everything and anything."
You're a family-oriented kind of girl. "I'm really tight with my family. It's hard to be away for so long," says Howie, who buys presents for the whole Dorough clan on the road. No wonder his bags are so heavy!

Kevin's The Guy For You If . . .

You love riding horseback. "I learned to ride horses when I was little," says Kevin who spent the first eight years of his life living on a Kentucky farm. "My brother had his own horse. He went to the state fair all the time to show his horse."
You have definite goals for your life. "I'm a real perfectionist," says Kevin. "I want to go places and I want things to be done right." He thinks the girl in his life should feel the same way.
You like a guy who knows how to treat a lady. "I like to go to dinner and have some good conversation," says Kevin of his ideal date. "If the vibe is right, then maybe a romantic walk in the park or on a beach."
You want kids someday. "I don't want to be out on the road all my life," says Kevin. "Family is very important to me and eventually I'd like to have one of my own."
You don't need conversation all the time. Kevin admits that he's not always the most outgoing guy in the world. "I'm a shy guy," he says. "Sometimes I think too much about what I'm going to say to somebody or what they're going to think."