Tragedy struck family on the way home from Concert

Source: Atlanta radio station, Star 94

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We are from Atlanta and this morning we heard some disturbing news and we thought it should be posted for all fans to hear.

Our local radio station,Star 94, had a contest to win a chance for a family of four to go on tour for a few dates with the Backstreet Boys. A lady won and she took her daughter, son, and husband. On the way home from the last concert date they were going to see, she was driving, made a wrong turn, and hit a truck and died. The rest of her family is alive but they are in the hospital. On the radio this morning they remembered her and her love for her family and they played "The Perfect Fan". Although this is truely a tragedy, the lady was an organ donor and donated her heart, so another person could live.

We think it is important for all fans to keep her and her family in their thoughts and prayers. Keep the Backstreet pride alive