The first time.... of AJ

Told a major lie

When I was much younger, I was given a brand new pair of pants for Christmas. they were so cool, man! they were a designer Italian breand and I was so struck on 'em that I wanted to wear them all the time-even just to the store to pick up some milk! But my ma wouldn't let me wear them except for dressy occasions, no matter how much I begged her. so one day, I snuck out the house in these pants to show off to my friends. We ended up messing around in the mud playing football and my prized pants got filthy. Anyway, I crept back home, went to my room and I lokked at me right in the eyes and said. 'AJ, were you wearing your new pants?'I was like,'No, ma!' But i'm a terrible liar and she got the truth outta me.I got grounded 'cause if there's one thing my ma hates, it's little fibbers!

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