Let The BSB Music Heal Your Soul

  • Nick, Aaron, Jane Interview in, Listen to the interview Aaron and Jane were interviewed by Rick Dees. Nick joined the interview by phone from Tampa.

  • It's True

  • Children Of The World (4:21)[Real Player] - A song sang by various singers, including Backstreet Boys, n'sync and more to help the children having cancer
  • Children Of the World (0:26)[ wav ]

  • If you knew What I knew

  • To listen a BSB song~ By my side

  • To listen a BSB song~ lf you stay

  • Baby l'm yours

  • Don't Stand Too Close To Me By string and BsB

  • DJ Nick call Britney Spears' cell phone

  • I need to hear it by Lesile Carter

  • There are two possible songs that might be appear on their upcoming album.
    Click here to listen the sneak peak

    One of the songs:
    "You run in the crowd
    You know your own way
    You play after dark
    You light up my life
    You have your own kind of style
    That sets you apart
    Baby maybe that's why you captured my heart
    What makes you different..."

  • You Worte The Book On Love

  • Tell me that l'm dreamin'

  • I'll Never Break Your Heart (Spanish Version)

  • Quit Playin' game WIth My heart (Live version)
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