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"Like an exotic veil, tattooing embraces the mystique of the underworld. In being tattooed we connect ourselves to the ancient world, accompanied by these images breathing within our skins. Like a bizarre reference library, we are Keepers of the Images. We carry an archive of images and symbols...representing life, death and all that throbs with a vibrant force."

For everyone that doesn't knows me, i have a tattoo.  I can hear you all thinking "what was she thinking?!" and things like that.  I know tattoos are permanent, i know i can't get rid of it now its there.  But you know what? I don't want to get rid of it.  It's a part me that I have grown to love and my tattoo represents many things in my life that will always be there. I don't regret getting my tattoo done.
But if you still have your doubts about tattoos, read up a bit on them, and you may be surprised at what you discover.
This rose is a symbol of love, of beauty and of human life. The rose is a common tattoo seen one knows to ask?
I still have to get a picture of my tattoo,....but yeah, you'll have to wait.  Its a Gemini symbol next to my right hip bone.  Watch out boys.....
These are a few tribal tattoos i found. They're called "celtic" tattoos b'cos they originate from celtic art.  Pretty cool huh?....look at those bodies...*ahem* pieces of artwork.

Ancient Egypt

Tattoo Culture

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