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The Story of Conrad Rommel

CONRAD ROMMEL stayed in Hussenbach , Russia. He was born in 1884. In 1916 he died while fighting in the war. His son Heinrich Rommel who lives in Sulsfeld, Germany does not remember much about his Dad. His Dad was away in the war and he was only 6 years old when his Dad died. In 1997, I contacted Heinrich for the first time. He sent me a 65 year anniversary picture of him and his wife that was in a German newspaper. The article read:

65 Years ago was a wedding on a very cold and frosty day. The very seldom opportunity to celebrate the iron wedding had this couple Heinrich and Maria Rommel on Tuesday this week in Sulzfeld, Germany. 65 years ago these two said yes to each other in Hussenbach on the riverVolga. They still remember that very very cold day. Heinrich Rommel was born in 1910 and in 1941 was forced to join the Russian workkfront and from that date on they haven’t seen each other anymore until 1989. Heinrich Rommel became a German prisoner of was, and later a French prisoner of war. His family were deported to Kashachstan, Siberia by the Russians. After he was released from captivity he ended up in Zaisenhausen, Germany where he found work as a Blacksmith and helped in farming.

1947 finally, he found out where his family lived and could contact them by mail. It was not until 1989 when his family was allowed to leave Russia and move to Germany. During the years before 1947 and 1989 he was not allowed to see his family. He could only travel as a tourist to Russia and make arrangements through friends to meet his beloved one in secret ways. It was dangerous but he did it 3 times in 40 years.

Inspite of a happy reunion with her husband, it was not easy for Maria to say goodbye and leave all relatives and friends behind in Kashachstan. But after their children arrived in Germany as well everything turned out fine.

With one son and one daughter together they bought a Family home and now live happily together in Sulzfeld. Heinrich and Maria Rommel enjoy their old age in good health. From their four children they have 19 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Heinrich’s sister Maria died in 1988. She was married to a Frederick Haun. They had no children.

With God’s help I pray that in the future, there will be more contact and more History told by Conrad Rommel’s Descendants.

Family Pictures