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How To Become a Good Fighter

Stick to the basics,,Hollywood doesn't know shit

The two most important styles to learn first and foremost is Boxing and Grappling , in that order, if you know the basics of both you can fight anyone. Most martial arts are a Waste of time and money, Read anything you can get your hands on from Bruce Lee, he knew what he was talking about. The reason there are so many styles out there is that is what one person developed to work for them,,thus you must do the same. Discpling, Training and Hard work will make a true fighter. Also Exhibitions from Martial arts clubs are a fluke, there moves are Choreograph and Unrealistic,,anyone can make the most worthless style look good. To me martial arts magazines using Bruce Lee is a insult,,as they go against everything Bruce said. Bruce hated traditional Martial arts with a passion.And Bruce was right, Traditional Martial arts has become something of show rather than what works. Like Bruce said "Martial arts is the only sport where some fat out of shape guy can walk around saying hes the best and nobody disputes him". Belts are not anygood and mean nothing. When I taught Privatly I learned alot from my students,,they always had a question or brought up something one tends to overlook. Like the saying goes "Professionals are predictable,,amatures are not." One more Quote for the road frome Bruce "Boards,,dont hit back"

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