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Rescue 15

Member Information

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Membership Requirements

All Search & Rescue volunteers in Rescue 15 must be registered with PEP (for land and inland waters), the Coast Guard Auxiliary (for marine) and PEP Air also known as CASARA (for air). All new members must completethe Ground Search & Rescue Course for Land and the Coastal Search & Rescue Course for Marine. Members must also hold a current Standard First-Aid certificate or equivalent. In addition, Rescue 15 members must complete a comprehensive training course, theory and practical, offered over a one year period.

New Members

Rescue 15 welcomes applications from interested volunteers. If you would like an application form, please send a letter outlining your wilderness experience, first-aid training and any previous emergency services work to the address below.

Team Stucture & Descriptions

Rescue 15
PO Box 452
Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Ph/Fax: (250) 627-7888
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