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What's It All About? Radio-controlled (R/C) racing is exciting, educational fun. From bashing around the backyard to racing on specially-constructed tracks, the thrill of R/C is unmatched by any other hobby. Picture yourself piloting your car as it catches air off a 5-foot tabletop jump, flies top speed down the straightaway, and beats the rest of the pack to victory. With equal ease, that same car can tame the obstacles in your backyard or the challenges on your street.
Economical In addition to the fun, you won’t find a greater sport or hobby that offers more bang for you buck. Sport kits offer beginners a great way to get challenging equipment at a reasonable price. As your skills improve, you can upgrade your sport equipment or purchase a more competitive kit that features pro-level equipment.
Socialize R/C racing is also a super way to make new friends. Seasoned racers are always willing to share their setups and give advice to racers who are just starting out. The friendly atmosphere only increases the fun of the R/C experience.
Knowledge Is Power R/C racing is a way to learn while having fun. Driving R/C vehicles can help you drastically improve your hand/eye coordination and distance-judging skills. These R/C machines are actually 1/10-scale versions of full-size cars and R/C cars feature many of the same construction and tuning aspects. Building, modifying, tuning, and driving an R/C vehicle can help illustrate many of the concepts necessary for understanding a full-size car. You will also sharpen your math skills as you determine gear ratios for your R/C car. During your day at the track, you’ll be learning hands-on about physics, laws of motion, and math.
Where Can I Learn More? If you are still craving more information about R/C car racing, we encourage you to check out one of the magazines dedicated to radio controlled cars. These magazines cover everything from races around the world to the latest information on just about any topic related to R/C cars. If you've never been exposed to the world of R/C car racing, you will be truly amazed at the action photos that appear in the pages of these magazines.