"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all?"

I think everyone remembers the Sorceress queen of Snow White request to her mirror.
The first mirrors were lakes on a still day were good for reflections. Soon shiny rocks, polished metal, and finally glass with a thin layer of silver were used to produce the perfect reflection.
Folklore is full of references to mirrors with magick, though a lot of practices are nearly forgotten.
"The symbolism of the mirror is simple and yet complex. It is held to a sacred to the Moon, for as the Moon reflects the Sun's light, to is the mirror an object of reflection. Since it is a lunar symbol, the mirror used in magick and generally round.
Then too, mirrors also allow us to see things we could not without their aid -- not only the physical but higher things, such as memories of past lives, glimpses of the future, or visions of events occurring at the same moment in another place.
One old technique of inducing clairvoyance is to catch the light of a fire in the shiny blade of a sword or knife; the reflection thus caught and concentrated upon causes visions. This is simply another form of metallic mirror magick.
Most magick now uses mirrors instead of shining metal."
The old way with shiny metal was imperfections and so the readings flawed. Magick Mirrors are usually round.
"For quick rituals, you can even utilize a pocket compact mirror, thought this is much easier for women. More than one spell has been cast while a woman pretended to check her make-up.
Always remember that the mirror is a simply a tool, a link with the Moon, with your subconscious, and ultimately with Nature Herself.
The following details the preparation of a magick mirror. Though it cannot be used for all the spells in this chapter, its preparation is recommended, for once finished it will be ready for use at any time. Magick is often spontaneous, and you should be prepared for practically anything."

"Find a round mirror of 13 to 30 inches in diameter. Ideally, it should be encased in a similarly round frame, painted black, but make do with what you have.
After purchasing the mirror, take it home and wash its face carefully with clean water. If you wish, next wash it with an infusion of mugwort, one teaspoon to one cup of water. Cool before use.
When the mirror has dried, cover it's face with a black cloth and lay where it won't be touched until the full Moon. On that night, expose the mirror to its rays, preferably outside but through a window if necessary. Charge the magick mirror in the Moonlight, and say the following or similar words:
Lady of the Moon,
You who sees all things and knows all knowledge,
I consecrate this mirror with your glowing rays
That it may illuminate my works of magick and my life.
Now take it inside and hang it on the Eastern wall in your bedroom, or the room in which you practice magick. Keep the mirror covered when not in use.
Expose the mirror to the Moon at least three times a year. When it gets dusty (if it should), wash with a mugwort infusion or plain water. Never use an ammonia-based spray to clean your mirror, for ammonia destroys all magick!
Never use this mirror for anything other then magick. Keep a separate mirror for everyday uses.
Following are several spells that can be done with the magick mirror as well as others."
"Stand before the magick mirror, remove its covering and change the following until visions appear:
Mirror of Moonlight
Mirror of Glass,
Allow me to see
What e'er shall pass.
Sweep clear the veil
That lies before me.
This is my will,
So mote it be!

The best time to scry in your magick mirror is dawn, dusk or at night."
"Set a while candle aflame in the darkened room and place in a position so that it illuminates your face as you stand before the mirror, but itself isn't reflected. Say the following:

Oracle of Lunar light,
Send me now the second sight.

Gaze into your reflection's eyes, or just above and between them. Gradually your reflection will dissolve and you will see another face appear; it will be that of a former life. It should be unmistakably familiar to you.
With practice, this can be used to learn a great deal about past lives. Try to 'tune in' on the face. Attempt to see the rest of the body, clothing, jewelry, backgrounds -- anything that would help you place the period and location.
Just seeing the face may trigger unexpected emotional reactions within you; note these and you may begin to remember people and events which have been locked away inside your far memory.
Sometimes this works better in near darkness; adjust the amount of light that hits your face until you have achieved desired results."

"Stand before your magick mirror. Set twin candles of the appropriate colors (see the Color chart) on either side. With a grease pencil (or a bright red lipstick) or water soluble paint, draw a rune or symbol of your need. As you draw it be sure to do so in the space your face occupies in the reflection. See the symbol becoming infused with your reflection, and know that such will be in your life.
Close your eyes and firmly visualize your need, then leave the area. This rune should be allowed to remain on the mirror until morning, when it should be wiped away using a cloth, preferably without looking at it."

"Take a small round mirror and dip it into water (preferably a lake or stream, but a full sink or bathtub will do.) Remove it immediately and catch your reflection. If it is disfigured, BEWARE! Evil may be working against you and you may soon face problems.
However, if the reflection is clear, no problems are foreseeable."


"If you wish to discover the conditions of a person far from you, if they be well or sick, in trouble or safe, do this:
Stand before the mirror in near darkness. Visualize the person's face as you last saw her or him; make this as complete a picture as possible. Now hold it and wait for any changes to occur; a scar forming on the face may indicate physical difficulties; a smile happiness, and so on.
The whole image may be blotted out with a symbol, and this should be interpreted to determine your friend's condition.
With practice this can be a great aid to establishing links with, or at least 'checking up' on friends far away."

"When you feel that evil is within your house, obtain a small round mirror. Paint the back black and devise some means of hanging it high in a corner next to the ceiling of the room in which the evil feels strongest.
If possible, hang the mirror so that it is at a 45 degree angle to the wall, its top point slightly toward the floor.
This mirror shall act as a 'portal' through which all evil in the house shall pass, into outer space where it will be dispersed and destroyed.
Once you hang up the mirror, stand in the room and see the evil swirling around you in a counterclockwise motion, thick and black like a foul fog. Then look up to the mirror and visualize a great door opening there, a door into the vacuum of space. See the black, evil-infested fog being sucked through the mirror to 'lock' it, so that it becomes a one-way portal. Evil can go out, but it can't come back in.
Make this cross by moving your forefinger from the top of the mirror, down across its face to the bottom in a straight line, then lifting the finger and placing it at the left side and tracing a line straight across to the middle of the right side.
Leave the mirror in its position for at least seven days. After this remove it and cleanse with a strong vinegar or ammonia solution to rid it of all negative vibrations. DO NOT perform this spell with your magick mirror."

"With a small round convex mirror large enough to hold in your hand (car rear-view mirrors are ideal) go out on a cool, clear night when the full Moon rides at Her peak in the sky.
Sit comfortably and catch the Moon's reflections in the mirror. Concentrate on the tiny pinpoint of silvery-white light, and begin to slowly move the mirror, fractions of inches to all sides, watching the Moon's image gyrate and wiggle on the surface of the mirror.
This will induce a psychic state after several minutes, so long as you do this alone and are not disturbed."


"Stand before the magick mirror, alone and naked. If possible, every part of your body that needs improvement should be visible. This will require a large mirror, at least 30 inches in diameter.
Gaze at your reflection in subdued candlelight. Study it, inspect it. As you do so say:

Clear as Crystal
Clear as air,
Make my form be
Fine and fair.

Then with your powers of visualization begin forming a new body. Smooth out wrinkles. Flatten bulges. Increase muscles. Perform all changes you would see on your body with your mind.
Hold this for as long as you can, up to 13 minutes or so. Afterwards look at your body again and say the following words once more:

Clear as crystal,
Clear as air;
Make my form be
Fine and fair.

Repeat this spell every morning and evening and back it up with exercise, dieting and whatever else will aid in achieving your goal."


"If you feel that evil is being directed to you, from known or unknown persons or entities, this spell can be utilized. Even if you don't know for sure that someone is trying to hurt you, perform this spell anyway, just in case.
Set up a small, round mirror (not your magick mirror) so that it is leaning against a wall, or set it in a holder so that the mirror is parallel with the wall. Before it place a black candle in a plain holder. Be sure the candle is reflected in the mirror.
Now, get a large white candle and place it away from the mirror (preferably where it won't be reflected) and light it. This is done to ensure that the black candle doesn't attract any evil forces.
Now, standing before the mirror and black candle, strike a match and as you light the candle begin chanting:

Black, Black
Send evil Back.

Repeat this chant while looking at the candle for a few moments and then leave the room.
After an hour snuff the candle's flame (without using your fingers -- use a candle snuffer or the blade of a knife) and put it and the mirror away. Then quench the white candle's flame and place it safely out of sight. Repeat the spell for seven nights and until you feel the evil is gone.
This spell sends any evil forces which may be directed toward you back to the original senders. It is a defensive measure only."


"This is a vestige of metal mirror magick performed by our ancestors. The 'mirror' here is a large silver coin. (If American, it should have been minted prior to 1964, when silver in coins was largely replaced with other metals. I use a 1961 Liberty Bell half-dollar in my magick. Since silver is symbolic of the Moon, there is a definite reason for this insistence of genuine silver coins.)
On the night of the full Moon, fill a cauldron (or any bowl painted black inside and out) with water. Take it and the coin outside in a place where you will not be disturbed.
Set the cauldron or bowl on the ground. Holding the coin up to the Moon, say:

Lady of Light,
Lady of Night,
Strengthen the sight
In this my rite.

Place the coin in the water. When it rests on the bottom adjust the cauldron and coin so that it captures and reflects the Moon's light. It will appear to be a round shining silvery-white object on the blackness of the cauldron's interior.
Sitting or kneeling comfortably, gaze at the coin with half-opened eyes.

"The second sight will come."


"Break a mirror and you'll have seven years bad luck, right? That's what the superstition says.
Actually, while there are several explanations for this piece of misinformation, one of the most sensible (in magickal thought) is that you'll have to buy another mirror! In the fourteenth century, the first modern, breakable mirrors were produced in Venice. These were quite costly. One can imagine the future of a servant who accidentally broke a mirror. He or she would indeed have bad luck from the master or mistress!
If your magick mirror breaks, or any other, don't worry. It is still valuable in magick. Carefully collect all the large fragments and place them in a clear jar. Sweep up the mirror dust and pour this into the jar too, then cork or cap tightly and set in a sunny window of the home.
This will automatically keep evil or negative influences from entering your dwelling, for the thousands of tiny splinters each act as an protective mirror.
Keep the bottle well-dusted and it shall serve you well. If you wish glue a small round mirror on top of the bottle.
When finished buy another mirror and prepare it to ensure you have one when needed."

The parts in quotation marks are straight from the book
Earth Power
by Scott Cunningham.