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CSL Spades Glossary of Terms

Champion Spades League

  Ace of spades The most powerful card in the game.
  Bags Tricks won during a round in excess of the number bid
  Bid An assertion of how many tricks an individual/team intends to win during the next round.
  Blind A bid made without looking at one's cards.  It's worth double the score (positive or negative) of the normal bid.
  Blind Nil A bid of nil made before one's cards have been seen.  Usually only used in cases of emergency (huge deficit in score or imminent loss).
  Board Minimum team bid requirement.  Usually four & this is an optional rule.
  Breaking Spades Cutting a hand lead by clubs, hearts, or diamonds.   From that point on trump can be lead.
  Counting Cards Useful skill to have mastered when playing spades.  Those who can do this well tend not to be surprised during the final hands of a round.
  Cut To trump a hand.
  Double Nil Two nil bids during the same round.  Sometimes even bid by players on the same team!
  Finesse A scheme by two teammates to force out a specific card they suspect a certain opponent is holding.
  Flush Out/Flood Similar to finessing.  An effort to draw out various cards of a suit (usually spades) especially the ace and other high cards.
  Hand A sequence of play in which all four players drop one card.
  Made Bid A bid that has been reached and/or surpassed by the bidders
  Misdeal Optional rule requiring certain conditions always be true or the deal is forfeit.  Examples of some misdeal conditions are: a player has no spades or has an inordinate number of cards in one suit.  Some even play that the decision to call a misdeal (requiring a reshuffle) is itself optional.
  Nil A bid that the player in question can go the entire round without winning a single trick.
  Nil-Board When playing with the baseline bid rule (board) and someone bids nil.  Automatically the nil bidder's partner must bid at least four.  Some play that a nil board is worth a bonus amount of points (greater than 115).
  Overbid A bid that has not been made.  A team has overbid when they win fewer tricks than anticipated. Costly in terms of points.
  Round A series of thirteen hands played.  After each round the score is recorded.
  Sandbags Same thing as regular bags but instead of deducting for overtricks after each round of play, 100 points are deducted after 10 sandbags have bee accumulated.
  Slough/Dump To play cards solely in an effort to get rid of them and not in an attempt to win tricks.  When bidding nil a player attempts to slough high cards throughout the enitre round.  It's also done by a team that has made its bid and is trying to avoid accumulating bags.
  Set To cause an opponent or opposing team to fall short of making their bid.  In the case of nil it means forcing the nil bidder to win a trick.
  Talking/Signals Illegal communication between teammates revealing information about their hands.
  Trick The group of four cards discarded during a hand of play.
  Trump Any card of the spades suit or the act of playing a spade.
  Underbid A bid that is less than the total number of tricks won.


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