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::Looks Around:: Wow~! Look at this fancy's high society or something. Whooeee~! Would you look at that...indoor plumbin, wait till I tell Maw~! LoL, now before you get your panties twisted in a bundle (If you haven't thrown them at the BsB already) I want you to know this site is still ran by the same piece of white trash (Hey, I'm not trash~!) as before and unfortunately her mouth has gotten even bigger (Oh no, now it's on~!) The only thing that has really changed is the site's appearance, which is no biggie. I was thinking about changing everything to this leopard skin motif but then I knew I'd have some animal rights activist on my ass so that thought quickly vanished: thus the green and yellow crap. Anyway the site still has the same BsB humor, if you call my opinions humor, and it still has all those groups you love to hate ::Coughs:: Nsync ::Coughs:: So if you know what the word, SATIRE, WIT, AND/OR HUMOR means please do continue if not then GO THE HELL AWAY CUZ I'M NOT A DICTIONARY AND I'M SICK OF EXPLAINING~!

*Note- Don't hate my site because it's beautiful*



Do you all remember that story I promised you like a year ago? Well, I've finally written an ending to it and have, dum, dum, dum put it up~! And the crowd goes wild~! Ok, ok, simmer down now, don't get too excited and crap your pants. We can't have you sitting in a pile shit while you read my new story noe can we? No.

The Exorcist

I now would like to take the time to thank and also apologize to everyone who emailed me, but never got an email back. I've been crazy busy with my life. School, work, work, do people suck, but not you guys. No, you all rock, so enjoy the updates.

Black & Blue Review

Now in the grand season of Christmas I shall give you all a gift. What gift could I possibly give all of you? A new story of course~! It's not the greatest, but you know what they say, it's the thought that counts...well, unless your Nick, and you can't count. Ha, ha, ha...ok I'm sorry. It's Christmas, so I'll be nice. Anyway, I loved all you psycho bitches you wanna kick my face in so much I've made this story just for you...have fun hating my guts.

The Psychos we Call Fans

This section I made when I first started my site but I took it down and forgot all about it. I just found it the other day, so I'm putting it back up to let you all decide if you want me to continue on with it or if I should trash it.

As the Tour Bus Rolls


What in the sam hell is this?!? A joke?!? Well, I'm not laughing. I am, however, about to puke up the PB&J sandwich I had for lunch. Apparently the people at Rolling Stone haven't read my video review that deals with the subject of the degradation of woman, now have they? No. That's ok though, I banned Rolling Stone long before I ever liked the BsB. They're just a bunch of morons who think they know what good music is. Well, they can take their crackass opinions and shove em up their asses. As for this picture I think it's a damn shame they couldn't be more original. I mean please, didn't Alanis Morissette already do the naked chick thing? Yeah, that's what I thought... Anyway, I read the article that went with this trashy picture and it''s interesting.

Mommy, I'm Scared (the naked skank looks like she wants my clothes)


The Wonderful World of Backstreet Boys
(Find your laughing place)

Justin "Hooked on Ebonics" Timberlake Explains...

( Anything updated=* )

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Ok some of the pictures on my pages I made, so what that means is, one they're mine so keep your little paws off, and two, that they may take awhile to upload, but let me tell you they are worth the wait, so don't be Miss Pushy Ass and skip through the pages, all good things come to those who wait.

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