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Artemis Wisadora

"::A slim young woman with golden hair and solemn, forest green eyes walks up to you. Over her back is slung a bag, a quiver of arrows and a bow. By her side hangs a sword::

'ello.. My name's Artemis, but most people call me Art. ::smiles:: I was born at the foot of Mount Olympus and raised by my father and mother.. whom I very much disliked. When I was about 13 years old I ran away and went off on my own, going on many journeys of many different kinds. I became good with the bow and pretty decent when it came to hunting, so I earned myself the nickname of "The Huntress". Anyway I eventually made my way into Rhydin, where I became part of the wonderful family called the BHC. I made many close friends, and met many wonderful people, including my fiancÚ, Sudric Cays Goth. Now I live with him in a treehouse in the forest near the Castle Bleeding Hollow. I like to hunt, read, cook... cause trouble. I suppose I'm a bit of a brat sometimes.. But then again, who isn't? ::grins:: Anyway, feel free to seek me out to talk or bother or argue with..

"In youth it was a way I had

to do my best to please.

To change with every passing lad

To suit his theories.

But now I know the things I know

And do the things I do

And if you do not like me so

To hell, my dear, with you."

~ "Indian Summer" by Dorothy Parker"

-The above was written and done by Artemis herself over a year and a half ago when the Bleeding Hollow Clan first began their webpage works. Artemis herself designed and created the entire original BHC webpage. She has been a member since I myself can remember. SHe was a dear friend and sister and I know that she is missed by all, and for all her hard work and dedication towards the BHC, I take it upon myself to dedicate this entire series of pages to Artemis Wisadora and her mun Sarah. We miss you and we hope you come back to us soon.- Claire Voyant/ Laurel