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Top Ten Cutest Guys!

Here, in my opinion, are the ten cutest celeb. guys. If u disagree, or have pics that could possibly be better, e-mail me!

Number 1: Brad Pitt

The smile, the eyes, the hair. This is god's perfect creature.

Number 2: Ethan Hawke

See Great Expectations, or Gattaca. You'll understand my obession then. I know the pic is huge, but does he not look good or what?

Number 3: Matthew McConaughey

Forget cute, this guy is HOT! See A Time To Kill, and you'll understand what i mean.

Number 4: Michael Jordan

Perhaps alittle bias on my part, but who can resist that beautiful, shining, bald head?

Number 5&6: Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon

U simply cannot have one, without the other. Both are cute as hell, but Ben won out in the end.

Number 7: Andrew Keegan

You're probably saying who? But he plays Mary's teenage father b/f on 7th heaven. Watch the reruns, he'll be gone in the new season. *sniff*

Number 8: Alex Rodriguez

Watch baseball just for this guy, U won't be dissapointed, i promise. (His nickname is A-Rod, for those wondering.)

Number 9: Will Smith

All the way down here. I had to wait till ninth before i could fit him in. Just goes to show how many cute guys are on this page.

Number 10: Marlon Wayons

Watch the Sixth Man. Funny and cute! (His older brother Shawn ain't bad either!)

Well, here is the end. Come back often as i may add links to these cutie-patuties home pages! Hope u have enjoyed the Babe fest. But remember, it's what's on the inside that counts!

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