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Thank you for visiting our page, hopefully in the future you will have many things to look upon, and enjoy.

9:37 P.M. EST November 17, 2005

Well anyways, we now have a 'How To' section, that tells you how to get on this site, so go check it out and get on here.

10:11 A.M. EST November 17, 2005

ADDITION: All Profiles Now Have Pictures
2nd ADDITION: Profile Info & "Catching Up" Currently Being Updated.

9:29 A.M. EST November 16, 2005

ADDITION: Formatting has been applied to all profiles, still no pictures... Kristen...

10:38 A.M. EST November 15, 2005

Alright, it's about 10:40 in the morning and I've decided that this would be a good time to tell you about what you can soon expect to find on this site. We're going to eventually have Profiles up for everyone thats involved in this story ~i.e. Our Friends~ and then you'll see alot more of them here as soon as our story gets started, so just try to check back weekly for new updates.
ADDITION: Kristen & DJ's Profile Has Been Added under Main Characters
2nd ADDITION: Profiles w/o Pictures are Up for The Partial Cast.

10:54 P.M. EST November 14, 2005

Well, it's already been a pretty crazy ride on this rollercoaster I call a life...I just hope you'll get a kick out of whatever happens next. Basically what this site is going to be about, are two fairly abnormal teenagers living in the real world of 2005 - ?. Now since we're taking these fucking computer classes, we decided we now had a port to bring others down with us. We'll bring you with us on all our adventures, uncensored, uncut, its all real, and really what we do. Granted, some of it may not interest you as much as others, but it comes as a package deal, if you truely want a peek inside the teenage mind of today. SO here we go.

If you would like to contact us for any informational purposes, or just to let us know something, you can do so at: