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The Perry High School Marching Band Trombone Line

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The Cookie Jar

Ah, those adorable Trombones

Welcome to the Land Where Trombones Rule the Band

The "J" stands for Jay- Homer J Simpson

    News and General Info

    Gargantuan Brussel sprouts are attacking all of the homes in the Gobi Desert...
    Now that I have your attention, Welcome to the Perry High School Trombone Line Website.
    Feel free to look around, but stay out of the Cookie Jar or the consequences will be dire.

    Now that football season ha started, I know everyone is busy, but please email comments to Also, please send photos news or anything else you want posted.
    Please also email other members and tell them to visit, so that they too
    can bask in the glory of this masterpiece of buttery-ingenuity.

    Please participate in the blog, it has been inactive for oh so long, January I believe.

    Six Trombones and a Trumpet, Astounded that Perry Scored a Touchdown.