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La News

1/04/06 La get cross tatoo on his "Hot cross buns" for charity.

20/9/05 Send in your photos for the La 'Got Foops' Competition here

20/9/05 Read La's new tip of the week here

28/8/05 Watch La in the wedding crashers trailer here

23/8/05 La implicated in New Zealand celebrity drug scandal here

23/8/05 Catch the first glimpse of Season 8 of 'NZPD La' here

8/8/05 Get in Behind La's new charity here

6/8/05 La today has launched his range of seamen disposal garments called 'Hard as Rocks Socks'

25/7/05 Catch the new La advertising campaign here

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La is New Zealand's sexiest man this much is known. The 24 year old Wellington local has accomplished in 24 years what men have been striving to achieve for centuries, he now posses a sexual power which some would say is a gift from God himself. In years to come when the history books are written and scribes put pen to paper La will sit along side the likes of Thor and Neptune as the god of Sex.

La's mysterious sexual magnetism is often a hot topic around the water cooler at offices throughout the country. It is obvious looking at La that his chiseled man features are a work of art, just like the Sistine Chapel or the Mona Lisa, but it is his overwhelming 'X-Factor' that is hotly debated. Whether it be that La posses some form of super-machismo or that he secretes mind-altering pheromones, theres something about La that men and women alike find simpy irresistible.

La has revolutionised the way men and women 'do business'. While other men spend hours spading women in nightclubs across Wellington, La simply walks into a room and he instantly has women climbing over eachother for the chance to go back to his 'spoof cave' and be cocooned.

For many men La is more than just a celebrity.... he's a rolemodel. La has been charming the pants off the ladies for many years now, whether it be at the Grand or one of the many classy establishments in the Hutt. Witness the international phenomena that is La.

"A body to die for and a package to kill for" Jenny - Upper Hutt

"I can't go down to the shops to buy a pack of cigarettes without running into 9 girls La's fucked!" Steve - Kelburn

"I once saw 2 guys kissing on a park bench, that was the gayest thing id ever seen untill I visited this site" Dave - Tawa

"If spoof could talk it would write a novel about La" - Some guy

"If you only visit one site this year dedicated to La, make it this one" - New York Times

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