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Gurken Saint John, Rock Band
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Jerkin Yer GURKEN

Welcome note:
Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the site. It's fairly new and we really hope to see it grow over the next while. Be sure to check out all of the pages and feel free to leave your comments in the Guestbook. Also remember to check out for upcoming show information. -Thanks, Gurken

Meet Our Members:

  • Greg O'donell (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Thomas Fanjoy (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Andrew Daley (Bass)
  • Mike Gormely (Drums)
  • Status:

    Currently, we are just taking some time to practise and write more music. Greg, Tom, and Mike are situated in Fredericton (The Gurken House) While Daley is still in Saint John. We hope to be doing some shows soon and introducing our new material. So keep posted.

    Click here to listen to our song Broken Image!
    Click here to see our section in Giraffe Cycle.Com

    Contact Information: If you are interested in booking us for a show or simply have concerns or comments you would like to bring to our attention, please leave your contact information in the guestbook. However, if you have email please free feel to email us at:
    All emails will be replied to as quickly as possible. Thanks again. - Gurken

    A bit about the band
    Gurken started three years ago in Saint John New Brunswick.
    We still have all of our original members, (Thomas Fanjoy, Andrew Daley {Daley}, Greg O'Donell (Shawzi}, and Mike Gormely. We all were in highschool when we first started out.

    We have done several shows throughout Canada, from Montreal to Saint John.
    (You can look through our photo albums for different show pictures.) For the better part of our songs,
    Shawzi (Greg O'Donell) sings. There are a few songs however that are song by Tom who also does main guitar.

    Our whole band originates from K.V, (Quisspamsis), however we are now loacted
    in the Gurken house, in Fredericton NB. (except for Daley).

    Currently, Shawz & Mike are attending Fredericton's university and are both unemployed while Thomas is working at KFC and plans to do schooling next year. . .

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