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Best JamisonParker songs


Okay. A little review of thier CD for those of you who dont already have it. The CD is great. To put it in laymens terms. Thats it. Its great. The vocals (Mr.Jamison) Are heart melting and the actual music is awsome. They are talented to say the least. The best song on the CD is Heres Everything Ive Always Meant To Say. It is a slower song, and will make your heart skip beats.

Oh yes,its a great album, so if you dont already have it, buy it.

The lead singer, Jamison Covington,as you fans all know, is also extremely cute. They call themselves Emo, but im not exactly going for it. Emo is like people who cry alot, and wear girls clothes,but his clothes arent tight enough to be from the girls deparment, and he doesnt look like to one to cry over spilt milk. His hair is really cool though. And Parker is a pretty cool guy also. He is cute too, but secretly Jamison is better looking ((sorry Parker!))

I have their tour schedule! Well,what remains of it.

8/23/05 @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim Califorina

8/24/05 @ The Epicentre in San Deigo Califorina

8/25/05 @ Modified in Pheonix Arizonia

So I have finished the message boards. Check em out and make sure to sign up for free at http;//

The best websites!

JamisonParker Homepage
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I sugest buying cd's here...they are pretty cheap