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Beware: Contains high level of band nerdness!

Hi people! You obviously know who I am or about me, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Here is some stuff about me -
Hey, there isnt much to say about me.... im a pretty simple person. My name is Jacqueline, im a freschman at LHS and I love to hang out with friends. I am involved in my churchs youth team... and im also involved in: band... marching band... choir... penguin stuff.. ect. Needless to say, very involved in music and the arts.. I take some acting lessons but haven't gotten very far with that yet, hey! I'm young and have a ways to go.....
My dad is the pastor of a church in the little nowhere town smack dab in the middle of nowheretown.... I am very active in both my old and my new youth group and I accepted Christ as just a little girl of about 4 i think... God has, is and will be a big part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way... I lub it!!!
My friends are all in band and it is like a cult at school, everyone hangs out in the band hall, and most are just in it to get into the football games for free...
I have a decent size family.. 2 sisters.. a mom.. and a dad. I have a lovely dog named beau! And I love them all to death!
Needless to say.. i <3 to have fun.. and i am a pretty fun person.. thats all i can think of to put on here right now.. but if you'd like to know more just ask me.. and MAYBE just MAYBE i'll tell you.. ttfn

My favorite things.

My Favorite Web Sites

I am a myspace addict!
I am addicted to Xanga too.
I heart Homestar!
I heart Band too.