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Daves Bio

Dave Squires has been in the band sence Dec 2004, he plays rythem Guitar and sings back up vocals. Dave before joining Dianetic was in previous bands such as Minor Obbession which were a punk rock band where he played Guitar & Vocals with his 3 other band members and another punk band called The Guilty Bistanders where he played drums with 3 more band members. Daves 1st show with Dianetic was at The Spur April 30th, 2005.

I asked dave to give me a basic description of the band and here's what he said "were a rock band from newfoundland, who live for music... well... at least i do, and im shure the rest of em do too weve been playing shows since April 30th and have a wide range of influences."

More Bio will continue with answers to these and more questions on a later date...

Q1 = How long has Dave been playing Guitar

Q2 = Was Dave one of the origional members

Q3 = Who asked Dave to the band if he never made the band up

Q4 = What songs did Dave write or help write for the band

Q5 = What instruments besides Guitar can Dave play

Q6 = What was the 1st gig Dave ever played and with what band

Q7 = If Dave could make any changes to the band what would you do

Q8 = What bands have you played with at a show

Q9 = What Venuse did you Play at

Q10 = What is some of Dave's musical influences