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Links and stuff

Pictures I drew and such
Band site, gotta love them band nerds

Alrighty, since Kyle, Alex, and Jessie decided to team up with me on this site it gets to be friggin' awsome, BUT I have to cut down on my lovely language...DAMNIT ALL!! - H.F./Nadia/porta-bitch

Just for the record, I like Heather's colorful language. -K.R.

Immature losers...Anyway, I gess since I'm the only really good webdesginer its all up to me. -A.B./Sarkonus

I like Heather's ass.......oh...and her colorful language. J.D.

Damn you Alex!! Stop taking F*** outta everything!! -H.F.

Ok, Updates, I will be puting the new layout up soon -A.B.

I said stop!! Or I'll put Jessie in charge damn you! -H.F.