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Band Biography

Band Biography:

Zuke 2K is a rock band that hails from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. They formed in August of 2000, deriving their name from lead singer Rocco Zuccaro's father's band, Zuke. The other original members are Geno Zuccaro (bass), Brennan Couch (guitar), Erik Haspel (guitar), and Ben Snatchko (drums).

Zuke 2K continued to play gigs with all original members for nearly two years, when in May of 2002, Erik and Ben left the band to pursue other goals. Simultaneous with the departure of Ben Snatchko, Tom Cavey had been recruited as the band's new drummer. Zuke 2K played a number of gigs as a quartet. In the summer of 2002, high school guitarist Bill Dinsmore had joined the band. The band played only a small number of gigs with Bill, and a short time later, he left the band. In the very late summer of 2002, young guitarist Jared Pavan had joined the band to once again bring Zuke 2K to their quintet status.

As Zuke 2K roll on into 2003, they begin to write music and spread the word of the band's name. Who knows what the future may hold, but stay tuned as the legacy continues...