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Saint Everett Promo '97
Record Label
Black Decease

Discover a rare form of Death/Black Metal!

Saint Everett along with Black Decease spawned a truly evil sound in the most primitive recording conditions. Their will, young yet so strong, created echos of insanity alongside a melodic sense of aggravation; Never again could a keyboard create such an authentic genere of music not existing outside our existence!
In 1997, Saint Everett began recording more in the solitary confinments of a quiet basement. One must stress their ears to fully understand that these soulful efforts were made in the most primitive fashion. Armed with only a Keyboard, Guitar, Big Amplifier and a small tape recorder, Saint Everetts first full recording was made early '97.
Tiltled "Madrigal Main" the tape was almost entirely composed at one setting. Achieving an extremely raw death/rock sound with only deep vocals & guitar with generic drums from a small keyboard. Somtimes interjecting a few notes from the keyboard to persuade dramatic introductions. Any true head banger should appreciate these efforts not for the quality by any means, but instead for the youthful authenticity of having a desire to create such abstract musical pictures.
The approaching winter developed a second batch of recordings. The most hellish sounding "Bound to the Angels of Black" standardized yet another concept leaning more towards a black/cult sound and a more vampiric vocal scheme. The music is by far Saint Everett's most unearthly evil arrangements to date.
Consisting solitarily of only a keyboard with a small drumpad that could be played with the right hand while the left executed most raw and haunting melodies. Saint Everett's sound is truly unique yet still pertaining to our roots of a primitive nature to make musical stamps in our lives, resulting in many recording events as also pertains to the even more dynamic concepts of fellow brother known only as Black Decease.