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Kelli's Lair
Kelli's Lair

Hello and welcome! I created this page to tell a little about me.

Where to begin....well I am 5'7" and I weigh about 105 pounds.

My eyes are the greyish baby blue type. I love to play my bass

guitar in my spare time like when I am not in school =P When I

am bored out of my mind, I like to watch cartoons and MTV.

But most of the time I have my cd's playing. I do not like to

listen to the radio because they are WAY too many commercials!

I love music and I always have a song stuck in my head. I like to play

tennis and volleyball, but I love to go swimming! It might be that I am

a capricorn....maybe not but it sounded good! December 30th is my

birthday so everyone can e-mail me at to wish

me a happy birthday or you can just keep in touch.

Please do not forget to sign my guest book! I will be very upset if you



Click here and here to see pictures of me in real life!

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