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...part symptom...part cure.

Links to the founders of Vellum

Devin Pugliano-Vocals/Words
Jonathan Shelton-Piano/Vocals

What Vellum is...

"Allow your scars to ramify. To somehow speak directly to the flesh of those that have, for whatever reason, made your emotions material. Discarding and disregarding you at will. Those that have left your life a complete imbroglio. As you struggle towards felicity, do not be afraid to shadow your inhibitions and embark to the seasons less traveled. Where pain runs free in fields of tears and hopes. In these hours and these moments of suffering, you will find a bond through isolation that cannot be matched. This bonding and this ability to heal through an excess of misery is,'vellum.' And these may in fact be my words. But, they were written with our united pain."

Spoken from the lips of Devin Pugliano, who could only put it best...

How it is...

"This is our promise to you, that we will be a unique band, throwing from ourselves the repetative 'fuzz and thumping bass' so common in our music today. We will be an educated band, having all of our members holding a minor and or major in music theory/composition. Intelligent listeners will be in awe at the nuances and melodic play on each phrase. Great care and time will be placed in each song, going through many revisions to give you the fullest of our capabilities. If you can't say 'wow' to at least three things from each song, it will not make it to the album. Make no mistake, 'Vellum' will never be purchased no matter the price; we are not 'sellouts'. Our continual focus will be on the music, and not on the next 'big hit'. Money will only be viewed as a benefit from doing something that we love. Music is our life."


Vellum promotes a drug free America. Each of the members of Vellum live a drug free life, because we belive that.."life is the biggest high, and music is the ultimate rush."

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