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June 15,2003
Greg's News Section on his OFFICIAL website was updated on the 12th with good and bad news for you fans!!!
Good News-Greg's Album WILL be in stores August 12th!!!
Ready for the bad news? Greg's performance at the Walk of American Sonoco in Philadelphia, PA has been canceled due to the fact that Greg is appearing in Texas the night before and will not be home in time. Sorry to disappoint anyone planning to attend-- don't worry, Greg will be everywhere once his CD is released!
June 11,2003
June 6,2003
Hey you all! If you'd like to see Mr. Raposo then here's your chance! Head over to and check out the News section to see if Greg will be performing at a town near you!
June 4,2003
Hey you all!!!! I'm back! Sorry for the lack of updates, AGAIN, cuz I have b/c addicted to going outside and hanging out with my friends every day 24/7! Well here's what I have for oyu today:
The official JMac website has had some changes I think you might like!
May 18,2003
Hey you! Sorry for the lack of updates due to the fact that I have been busy for the last week or so! Anywayz, you can check out DODS for some of the updates that I do not have put up on my site.
If you'd like to see Jesse perform in a town near you then here is your chance to finally make your dream come true! The OFFICIAL Jesse street team sent out a newsletter w/ the following information on Jesse:
Is there a theater, amusement park, outdoor stage, club or other venue in your town or city where music acts perform?
If so, please do some investigative work and send in the following information: Name of venue (the place where the concert would be held)
Address (street, city, state and zip code) Contact name of person who books acts Phone number or email address to reach that person Seating or standing? Capacity (how many people does the venue accommodate) List a few of the previous acts that have performed at the venue in the past year or two.
After you have gathered the info.
Email it to
Please type "Venue Info" in the subject line
This information will be used to assist in booking Jesse to perform in some of these venues.
HERE IS THE BEST PART ! When you submit (complete and accurate information), your name will be kept on file to possibly receive backstage passes or front row seats if Jesse performs at the venue you submitted information on. If we receive information on the same venue from numerous fans, only the first 8 who sent the information in will be considered for the prizes. So don't delay, start researching now and get your emails in FAST !

This news letter also says that if you live in Japan(yes, Japan) and in the New York area then you can see Jesse on fuji TV (something like that)
Well those are all the updates for now so keep checking back!
May 5,2003
Yesterday was the best birthday ever for Greg. Not only did he receive thousands of wonderful birthday wishes from all of his friends, family and dedicated fans, but "Take Me Back Home" which debuted on the Radio DIsney Music Mailbag got a hugely positive response! The screaming from the Raposo Home could have been heard from miles away when it was announced that 92% of all his fans nationwide chose to "pick" his song. Greg and the entire Raposo family would like to thank all of you for never giving up on and always believing in Greg. Greg is here to stay and he's better than ever! This is going to be an amazing summer! See you soon
May 3,2003
Sorry for the lack of updates!!! Well I have very little news for you cuz I haven't been on the comp for a while but you can check out DODS for all the news I've missed out on! Anywayz, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO MR.RAPOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 22,2003
The OFFICIAL Jesse McCartney website was recently updated, here's what it says: Jesse is back from California after filming a pilot episode for a new series for The WB called "Immediate Family." If we have any more information about if or when it will air, you will be able to find it here!
April 19,2003
The OFFICIAL Jesse McCartney Website now gives you another new address where you can write to Jesse! Here's the address:
Jesse McCartney c/o Jump Ahead Productions 923 Saw Mill River Road Box 138 Ardsley, NY 10502

April 15,2003
The OFFICIAL Greg Raposo was just updated with new questions and answers so make sure you head over there and check it out!
April 12,2003
Jesse's OFFICIAL news section was recently updated so go check it out!
April 10,2003
Head over to and make sure you vote for Greg's song "Take Me Back Home" and Jesse's new song "Beautiful Soul" so that they'll actually start playing their new solo songs on air!!!
April 1,2003
Greg's Official website was just recently updated again!
March 26,2003
Greg Raposo site Last updated on 3/26/03 (Reviews/Fan Reactions added)
March 21,2003
Chris Trousdale will be at the Irving Heritage Festival April 5,2003 performing on the Disney stage at 4pm so be there!
March 20,2003
The following is copied and pasted directly from the BEST Dream Street fansite ever so I thought I'd give them credit for this update!
NIGHT -If you thought the info about "A Tale of Two Pizzas" that we provided you with earlier this evening was cool, thanks to other fans we've made another discovery on the official website at! If you click on the cast and crew link, you can choose Frankie's name, and it will bring you to an extensive biography, that mentions his time in DS as well as his past endeavors and another picture! (Thanks Melissa and Liz!) -Chris Trousdale can be found in the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine (with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover) on page 23. The brief article/blurb about his solo career and his shout out to his fans is accompanied by a small photo. (Thanks Melissa, Meggie and Allie!) EVENING -Haven't been hearing a lot about Frankie Galasso lately? Have no fear-- all is fair in love and pizza! If you head over to the page for "A Tale of Two Pizzas," the movie he recently had a role in, at IMDB they have added a synopsis for the movie and a link to the official website for the movie, conveniently (Thanks Grace!) -If that weren't enough, we're the first site to have this exclusive pictures of Frankie from the movie, thanks to the official website for the movie! Click the thumbnail to see the picture in a larger size. -Didn't get a chance to catch Chris on his recent three city tour? Now's your chance to see what a Chris live performance looks like! Chris' first TV appearance as a solo artist will air this weekend when he performs live on the 18th Annual Telethon for the Children's Charity "VARIETY." You may remember Dream Street performed on the same telethon two years in a row both in 2000 and 2001. The show will be aired in the Tri-State area on PAXTV this Sunday, March 23rd from 12 noon until 5PM. Chris' air time is unknown. Check your local listings for the channel. For more information you can log on to: (Thanks Tracey!)
March 19,2003
On Sunday, March 23rd, Chris Trousdale will be perfoming on PAXTV ,not sure if the times are right but from what I've heard it will be from 12 noon 'till 5pm! So make sure you get your cameras all prepared to record Chris Trousdale on TV!
March 14,2003
Jesse website was just updated today! Here's what it says:
Jesse is currently in California filming a pilot episode for a new series for The WB called "Immediate Family." If we have any more information about if or when it will air, you will be able to find it here!
March 12,2003
The Official Greg Raposo NewsSection was recently updated today so make sure you go and check it out!
March 11,2003
I went out to the store and found some magazines that you have just got to get!
Popstar! Magazine:
Includes a centerfold of Jesse and Greg with his shirt wide open! Pocket Pic of Jesse. A page full of questions that the magazine ppl (lol, not very descriptive!) had asked Jesse.Half page full of Greg updates (Don't worry it has his picture below it so it's worth it!) Chris Poster. And I think that's about it, but I'm not sure.
Pop 2003 Magazine:
I have never heard about this magazine but I saw DS on the cover so I looked in it only to find about 3-5 maybe6 pages of DS! There are about 2 pages of Chris's concert with some info on that, and much more!
Sorry I couldn't tell you anything else about it cuz I couldn't buy Pop 2003 magazine, I just scanned through it!
Here's a message from Jesse:
message from Jesse 03/10/03 at 8:32 AM Hi Guys! This is Jesse. I'd like to introduce Samantha, who is in the process of starting up the Official Jesse McCartney Fan Club. She's a real trouper and will give you more information about this as we get closer to launching it! She will say a hello to all of you below. Work continues on my solo CD. Working with a live band is great. They are excellent musicians and fun to work with. I'll introduce them to you live soon! I am also going to LA for pilot season in February. That's where they choose the actors for the roles in the new TV shows coming up this season. Everyone goes to LA from far and wide and auditions a lot during this time. Right now, testing for a new FOX series called "The Break" is on the schedule for me next week. But things change daily in this business so I never count my chickens before they hatch. Remember, there are lots of ups and downs in life so just ride the wave! And - - ~Stay True~ Jesse
I DO NOT have any contact with any DS member! I only get my updates from searching other official websites!
I copied and pasted this directly from Jesse's official boards, here is a message from Jesse's fan club president:
message from Sherry Kondor: Hi everyone. I want to introduce myself. Some of you know me as Sherry Kondor from the Sugar Beats, but now I'm also Ginger McCartney's partner in managing and producing Jesse. We've named our new company "JumpAhead Productions." There's so much Jesse is doing now and I want to let you guys in on it. First of all, Dillon Kondor (16) and Jesse have put together a band of great young musicians. Dillon leads the band on guitar, Katie Spencer (17), also a former member of Sugar Beats plays keyboards, Alex "Pip" Russek (17) plays drums, and Pete Chemas (17) on bass. They've been rehearsing with Jesse and it's going great. You'll be the first to know when they're ready to perform and we have some gigs booked. I'm taking pictures and videos of the band and the rehearsals to share with everyone. We've also been recording songs for a new CD. I'm so excited for you to hear it. Jesse's website is also getting redesigned. There will be a lot more for you on the new site. Lots of new photos, audio, video, polls & surveys, merchandise, and news. This message board will remain just as you know it and love it, with Bob Jamieson at Noble Media Group continuing to do a wonderful job overseeing it. We will be upgrading to a faster server, too. Our web designer, Robert Zimmerman is doing great things. You're going to love it. Keep checking back to Finally, Samantha Modik is starting up a fan club. Many of the photos and video clips I'm making now will be available exclusively for fan club members as well as a bunch of other cool stuff and merchandise discounts. So keep your eyes out for how to join.
March 9,2003
Greg Raposo's Official website was just updated yesterday! So make sure you go check out the recently added news!
March 6,2003
I recently found out from the DODS web site that you can actually view Jesse practicing with his band and that Jesse has his own forum. I also found out that Jesse's web site will have a huge change one of these days so we gotta keep checking back! Well,the links to Jesse's forum and Jesse's practice will be listed in the bottom of this page so you won't have to type the URL in yourself!
For those of you who live in Florida this is your chance to see Greg Raposo at the Make-A-Wish concert. The ticket prices will be $12.00 if you purchase it at and $15.00 if you purchase tickets at the door! I personally think the prices are worth it so GO!
March 5,2003
YaY!Jesse McCartney's official web site was recently updated! Here's what's new:
Here is a statement from the new fan club president: "Hey everyone! It's Sam, Jesse's Fan Club President. Right now I am in the process of starting the first Official Jesse McCartney Fan Club! Before that gets started, there will be a Jesse emailing list for anyone who would like to get monthly newsletters on lots of updated info and new pictures of Jesse! If you would like to be put on this list to recieve further information about the Official JM Fan Club, please email me at: Jesse misses you all and will see you soon. Thank you guys! "
Ok so the following part comes directly from Down On Dream Street only the BEST web site for all DS fans!
-It's been popping up on other websites and Yahoo! groups that Greg will be performing at the Make-A-Wish 3rd Annual Kids Helping Kids Concert on April 11th in Hollywood, FL. It is true that Greg has been invited to perform as part of this concert, but it still unclear if he will be able to make it do to some technical details. We should know by next week if Greg will be doing the show, so wait please wait for confirmation before making plans to see Greg at the show.
Well that's it for now, but keep checking back for more updates!
March 1,2003
The official Greg Raposo web site was updated again today! Make sure you check out added news and a Fan Club application,which was just updated for a contest!
If you check out Jesse McCartney's official web site and head over to the News section you will find that it says the following (I'm copying and pasting cuz I don't wanna give you wrong information!)Due to high demand we are offering the same T-Shirts and Posters for sale that were available at the WBLI concert. Jesse also requests for you to put your suggestion for what you think would be a great name for his new record label on your order, or simply write it on a piece of paper along with your address, email address, and phone number for him to contact you if your creative name for the record label is chosen.
February 27,2003
Make sure you check out Greg Raposo's Official web site for recently added Links and to see a picture of a cute dedicated fan named Matthew!
Also make sure to head out and buy the March 2003 issue of Popstar! cause it was great! And don't forget to go out and buy Girl Life Magazine for a page full of Chris, I can't really tell you anything about it since I haven't been able to purchase it yet, but I did see a glimpse of it and I thought it was great!(And Tiger Beat)
February 17,2002
The official Greg Raposo was recently updated with new ask Greg questions and recently updated new so make sure you go over there and check it out at
Make sure you check out the Broadway Kids web site at to hear the full version of the song Greg sings called "Hair"

Watch Jesse practicing with his band!
Jesse's official forum!