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Stevie Brock's Appearance in Lewisville Review!!!

4th of July 2003 was the best day ever!!!!!!! As we waited for Stevie to arrive I got to chat with a few of the Stevie AND Greg fans that were there, and I also told one of the WIRE Representatives "Girls Life and Stevie Brock rock!" I recieved a bag full of goodies which contained, a signed Stevie Pic, Tattoo,Stevie shirt, the "All For Love" music video, and a holographic card with Stevie on it! After 10 minutes or so the Radio Disney person went up on the stage and said "Are you all having fun?" YEAH!!! "Well guess what....Stevie Brock is in the house!!!" All the fans went crazy! Stevie Brock walked up to the autograph table and was so happy to see all of his fans there supporting him!When it was finally my turn I told him that I loved his music soooo much! He told me "Yeah, what's your fav. song?" I had no idea what to say cause the only song I had ever heard was "All For Love" so that's what I told him was my fav song. He asked me what my name was and I told him Vanessa, he then wrote To Vanessa, Stevie Brock and I asked him if I could take a pic with him, he said sure, so I actually got to HUG HIM!!! It was awesome! I was standing by his table the entire time just like I did with Greg and I was taking pics of him doing funny stuff! After all the fans left Radio Disney had him sign a pledge that said that he'd spend at least 1 hour with his fans and guess what.........I was RIGHT next to him and I took a pic of it!!! After a while Stevie signed an autograph for Buddy McNutty and Buddy gave him his too! It was sooo cute!!!! Buddy gave him a mini doll of himself! Stevie was so happy dancing around and I was right there!Of course, I went back in line, there actually was no line anymore, and I had Stevie sign all the stuff in the bag I got from Nina and he had no problem with signing it!Then Stevie had to leave and I asked the Radio Disney people if I could sit where Stevie sat, THEY ACTUALLY SAID YES!!!I was so shocked! Now everyone considers me the crazy Stevie and Greg fan! LoL!