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Birthdate:April 9,1987

Place of birth:New York City
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Green
Favorite Phrase: "Zip it"
Pets:Cat named Oliver
Favorite Book:"Death Be Not Proud"by John Gunther
Favorite Color:Orange
Favorite Food:California Rolls and Pizza
Favorite TV show:Friends
Favorite Movies:"The 6th Sense,"Grease and American History X
Favorite Actors:Robin Williams, Will Smith and Jim Carey
Favorite Actresses:Joan Cusack, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Cady McClain
Favorite Music:Pop and Rock
Favorite Band:Eve 6
Favorite Sports:Baseball and Football
Favorite Sports Teams:NY Yankees and New York Giants
What sports do you play?Baseball!!!!!
Future Car:BMW M3
Favorite School Subjects:Math and Physical Education
Least Favorite School Subject:History!
Hobbies:Playing Baseball,singing, and acting
Biggest Like:Snow/Water Skiing
What is your most prized possesion?My baseball glove and my cell phone
What do you look for in a girl?Someone who has a nice smile and can make me laugh
What would be the perfect way to spend a date?Out on the beach!!!
What do you want to be when you get older if you can't be an actor?Be a singer
Do you have a nickname?If yes, what is it?Jester!
What was your 1st acting job?"Oliver," in a local theater
How did you get into the business?My parents used to be in it and they taught me everything they know.
Of all the projects you've done,what was your favorite?Why?Dream Street. Tryin' to get a gold record! Its always been a dream to have a gold and platinum album on my wall and I was very excited when I got it.
Favorite person you've worked with?Hayley Mills
What type of work do you like the most (Commercials,singing,television,or movies)? Singing and Movies
If you have a dramatic scene where you have to cry, how do you get ready for it and do it?I think of things that made me upset a long time ago.
During the years that Jesse has performed, he has remained, by his own wish, in public school. He finds it more fun than having to learn in isolation with tutors. Jesse is also a spokesperson for the Kids for a Drug Free America and gives English lessons to kids in China through Sesame Street and CTW. When not working, Jesse lives in New York with his father, mother, sister and brother. He enjoys playing golf, skiing and playing baseball.
Sorry about the question form! I kinda used some of the questions from other web sites!