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Singer / Song Writer / Guitarist / Producer / Dancer / Actor

Unions SAG AFTRA EQUITY NARAS ASCAP Pop Records Dream Street (Gold album, sold over 900,000 copies and still climbing), Pokemon 2000, The Little Vampire.
Concerts Solo concert at Nassau Coliseum, Christmas Solo East Coast Tour 2002, Aaron Carter Winter Party U.S. Tour 2002 , 2001-2002 Dream Street tours, numerous radio tours, Steve Madden Mall tours, International Elvis Dance Party, The Elvis Spectacular, The Goodwill Games, Boy Wonder, Celebration of Life, Broadway Kids, Gracie Mansion, Symphony Space, FAO Schwartz, Down-Time, Cosi, Miami Youth Fair, Roundabout theatre, Kids For Kids, plus many many more through Dream Street.
Commercials Ellios Pizza, Crest, Ford, Ovaltine, Tyco Toys, WWF, Ick, Spawn, Hit Clips, Frosted Flakes, Kit Kat, Nerf, Discovery Kids, Road Runner, Olive Garden, Nickelodeon Promo, Fox Dream Street Contest, Go For It Roadshow.
Television Vicki Lawrence Show, Home Team, Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, Good Morning America, CBS Morning, Sally Jesse Raphael, Fox News, Eyewitness news, Maury Povich Show, World Wide news, ZDF German TV, Memphis news, Good Morning Britian, NY1, Barry Z, CBS afternoon, plus many more through Dream Street promotion.
Live Radio Open House Party, 95.5 WPLJ, Z100, 101.1, ABC National, WBLI, KRock, KissFM, WGBB, Portuguese radio, Brazilian radio, NY Kids, Radio Disney, and many many more through Dream Street promotion.
Music Videos Dream Street, Boy Wonder, Virgin Atlantic, Pokemon 2000. National Anthem Yankees Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Somerset Ball Park. Broadway/Off Broadway Broadway on Broadway, The Broadway Kids, BMI Workshop, Brodway Teddy Bear Habit, Lincoln Center - King of Clocks.
Cast Albums Broadway Kids Back on Broadway, Broadway Kids Sing America, The Teddy Bear Habit, Childrens Letters to God, Little Nemo in Sutherland, Kids For Kids.
Movies Side Streets, The Biggest Fan
Soap Opera All My Children
Voice Overs Ellios Pizza, Spawn, Matchbox Cars, Walt Disney, Radio Disney, many more through Dream Street promotion.
Jingles 95.5 WBLJ (baby DJ winner), Pepsi, Charmin, Oscar Meyer Weiner.
Charities Kids For Kids, NY Mets 9/11 Foundation, Audrey Hephurn Childrens fund, Young Plaza Ambassador, , Childrens Variety, Chances For Children, Jerry Lewis Telethon, HealthSouth Roadshow, Blysdale Childrens Hospital, Ronald McDonadls House, and many more. (over 3000 community service hours) Competitions Broadway On Broaway, Star Search, Parent Guide Magazine, Only child performer worldwide chosen to perform at the ceremonies for the 20th anniversay of Elvis’s death in Graceland, Vermont County Fair, All County, NYSSMA